Pics from Rose, post yours


Evon made it look sooo easy! Takes a lot of practice but it is looking good, Christi!


You have been really busy since we came back!


Pics of Landon! LOVE him so much ! Barb Michael reborned him. image|375x500


He’s a cutie.


Soooo cute!!


I see what you mean about the quality of the dark hair. I just started rooting my Macey with the slumberland mohair that I bought and it is so much finer and softer. My hair is looking more sparse even though I am rooting the hairs about the same distance apart. Until now I didn’t even really understand why everyone was saying these other mohairs were so much better than ruby red but since I’m actually using better mohair I can see the difference. I wonder if Jackey gave us that mohair thinking it would be easier to work with for beginners, although it was an advanced rooting class.


I think that is exactly why!! And one of my bundles of dark brown was beautiful mohair so it was yearling or kid and the other was an older goat for sure. So all my head was done in the thicker coarser mohair except the top which worked out great in the end. Your rooting looks fantastic BTW!!! Did you buy kid or yearling? I like both- yearling I find to be straighter. I can’t wait to see her when she is done!


I used one of the bundles for my hair so it was all the same. The thing that I didn’t like was that the hair was dyed lighter near the top of the bunch so now my baby looks like she has thinner hair on top where I would have actually wanted it to be the thickest. I didn’t check out the other bundles so I hope some are nicer like you got otherwise I will probably never use it again. I bought the Slumberland from someone at ROSE it says wavy/curly but not whether it’s kid or yearling so I have no idea what it is. If the yearling is straighter then I might guess it’s kid because it is really curly, but I also couldn’t imagine hair being any finer. It’s dark but so fine it’s still hard to see some of the hair with my magnifier. Sometimes I root a hair and then think it didn’t root because I can’t see it. Not sure I like the curl so I’m going to want to buy some straight stuff to try.


This is a picture of the mohair comparing the colour from the top of the strand to the colour from the bottom of the strand. It’s like two totally different colors. I wish I would’ve realized it was like that before I rooted it.


I was cutting my bundles in thirds. Rooting the top, middle, and bottom until I run out. Then snipping off another hunk of hair. I didn’t notice the top and bottom coloring variation for that reason. I do it more so because the thickness changes from top to bottom of hair too. Your Slumberland mohair is most likely kid.


Jacky normally gives good quality hair in her class.

I used Angora Mohtique on my red headed Indie and LOVED it! I mean wow!!


i bought a bag of 5 bundles at Rose that has light color in the center of the bundle, then surrounded with dark. it was like a reese’s peanut butter cup but i didn’t see it until i was already home. not sure what i’m going to do with it now. i’ll post a pic once i’m home. i’m going to start buying slumberland. i’ve heard nothing but raves about her mohair.


One of my favorites on YouTube is Bones. He’s a knitter and makes his own clothing for his baby Maggie to wear.


Pics pretty please?


I think I just got one bad bit in my package. Three of the 4 were lovely to work with- which really made the other one obvious.


Delta Dawn is nice too.


The medium colour that I bought was Delta Dawn so I’ll see in about a week how I like it. I just checked and the other dark bundle in my pack from Jackie is the same as the bundle I used. Not sure what this mohair is, but she said it was the same as they were selling. For $60 I’m glad I didn’t end up buying it, to me there isn’t much difference between that and Ruby Red, maybe slightly softer, but not much.


Yes… here is my ‘Lil red (Indie Eagles)


Ya, I remember. She was a cutie.


I finally got brave and cut Sugar’s hair, here she is still wet hair. My mom’s birthday is on Wednesday so I want to get her assembled this weekend. I ordered an outfit from eBay which I should get on Monday so I will be able to take my final my final pictures then.