Pics from Rose, post yours


LOL! I carried 5 dolls home! We left with 3 and came back with 5. We had one large checked bag and two small rolling carry ons.

On the way back we had the same except for a small duffel bag a friend let us use. I wrapped my vinyl kids in blankets and got all 5 in the rolling carryons lol.

You definitely need extra room coming home.


Now I’m curious!!! Maybe we will do better next year! Wondering which one you were…hmmm
I know I really enjoyed that class! (I’m still working on it!)


I’m on the left in the pink shirt


Ok! Thanks:) and I’m on otherside in back row gray shirt.


How are you doing on your rooting? Are you getting it?


I finished rooting it last night but so far I’m too scared to cut it.


Well done Amanda!! I am almost finished too. Just finishing the front. I am worried about cutting it too. The dark brown mohair was not the best quality either. It must have been adult because it is poker straight and when cut will still up. The medium was lovely. What product did you use for conditioning?


I am in the bright pink shirt


Hi Cricket! I sat beside you. Your rooting looks good!


Its adorable! Congratulations! Watch a couple of videos from different people to get comfortable about cutting it. If you are still worried take your head to the beauty parlor and pay them to cut it!


Hi Dani! I love how small the world gets with the Internet;) How is your rooting coming along?


It is going pretty good. Just have the top to finish then I will post pictures~


I’m also paint so it going a little slow, but it IS going! It will be exciting to finish!


I used my daughter’s no more tangles leave in conditioner spray.


Wow great job! Yalls hair is looking fantastic!


Beautiful work! I’m always terrified of the cutting part. Need some practice heads like the cosmetology school and good scissors!


So beautiful, you did a lovely job!!! Cut her hair short :slight_smile: I have a video on my YouTube channel the gilded stork on cutting Levi’s hair :slight_smile:


I was in the hair painting class forgot my name tag will take it next year for sure


Here are my two heads from hair painting class. I got the pattern in class, Evon mostly did Sera’s pattern. Came home and finished them with pencil. Joseph WIP thrown in for good measure! It was my first time to work on multiple dolls simultaneously. I enjoyed that. image|666x500!


I have a Leif all ready for hair. I want to do it sparse like your Sera, but I don’t think I can get it like that with Evon’s method so I’m going to wait and see if it can get variation and if not I’ll just paint it with my regular method because I have more control that way. So far I can only do this one hair style. I wished she would have went over a more curly/wavy look because that’s where I needed help. Here are mine so far. Did Nevaeh in the class and came home and did Kaelin and Kadence and now I’m working on Lainey’s hair. Kaelin got a random blue spot somehow so don’t mind that.