Pics from Rose, post yours


It wasn’t until the awards banquet that I realized you had a booth. Sorry!! Next year I will say “hello”:grinning:


I was lokng for your booth but not smart enough to look at the map! I’m sorry too!!! Next year I’ll do the baby shower before it sells out. Sounds and looks like fun. I probably said hi to you and didn’t even know it was you


I was way in the back! lol :wink:


Wasn’t your hair long last year?


It is about the same. My hair grows slow. It is past my shoulders, I rarely wear it down.
I think it is darker this year… lol


That’s what it is you had it back it looks short.


Much love for the baby house elf!


I’m trying to post supporting S.P.E.W. but for some reason the forum does not like my wording.


Looks like so much fun! I hope I can make it one day.


Here’s more pics. We had a blast. @jlesser and I @Blissfulbabies were on opposite sides of the floor. Enjoyed our late night chat back in the room.



I have a question… how do the people who have booths get all of those babies there? Are people flying with that many dolls, or do the vendors usually drive to Rose?


Bountiful baby lets you send boxes to them and they bring them to the convention center for you to pick up.
The ladies that travel super far (like South Africa) ship painted kits and assemble once getting to Utah


For those who fly there what do you do as far as taking a doll with you? I will only get on a plane if I absolutely can’t drive there but I definitely want to bring a doll and will be purchasing dolls.


As far as flying with a doll, you can either wrap it well and put it in your checked luggage OR you can put it in your carry-on OR you can use it as your “personal item” and fly with it on your lap. If you use it as your personal item that means you will have to stash your purse in your carry-on. Personally I carry mine on the plane as my personal item since they can get rather violent with the checked baggage!!


I put mine in checked luggage but packaged doll as if I were shipping her. Then put box in suitcase. So I had to take two suitcases. Side note I packed a long narrow glass vase, too , for the contest. It made it there and back in one piece SURPRISINGLY. I bought a doll at show so had to package two for the flight home. I’d taken white towels, shipping tape and scissors just to wrap dollies up. It worked very well. Had to toss the box from the flight over though. Also bought one of those baby snow suits for $2 from thrift store for packaging. It was a lifesaver. It doesn’t snow much in Austin so those are always cheap and great for shipping or traveling.

Short story: extra suitcase, packaging supplies.


I didn’t take a doll and didn’t plan on buying one, but I had one to bring home because I won a baby. I brought and checked bag and a carry on, both had lots of room on the way down. On the way there I put everything I needed for my classes in the carry on because I was worried about it getting lost in travel and then not being prepared, my clothes in my checked bag that I could replace in a quick trip to Target if needed. On the way home both bags were stuffed. I wrapped the baby in a blanket and then bubble wrap and had it in my carry on because I don’t trust how ruff they are with checked bags, my luggage tag was smashed and broken when my bag arrived in Utah. My advice, have lots of room in your bags on the way down because you are going to be bringing home a lot more than you planned.
@jeepers it was nice to meet you too. Post a few more pictures of the baby you bought, I never did get to see him.


@quiltsabunch, Amanda----how did I miss you?? Did you have a nametag?? I wanted to meet you and I somehow missed @jeepers, Christi also----doggone it anyway!!!


I was thinking that many people from the forum didn’t go this year because I didn’t really see nametags. I saw @colee1970 with one and introduced myself and found @jlesser booth and introduced myself. @danidolly and @jeepers were in classes with me so I met them. Other than that I didn’t know I was meeting anyone else from the forum. Looking back at @jlesser pictures @Cricket was in my hair rooting class and I think @alicekay56 was in my hair painting class, but didn’t know they were on the forum until I saw these pictures posted. There were probably others and I just didn’t know.


@quiltsabunch!!! Amanda!! I remember you lol. It was great meeting you. Thank you for introducing yourself to me.