Pics from Rose, post yours


I thought those of us from the show might upload pics to share. I watch these guys on YouTube and was thrilled to run into them. Some pics from Evon Nather’s hair painting class, and Cindy musgrove holding Beesley the elf Rose folks post your pics!!! I didn’t take many but I met a bunch of wonderful people! It was a good whirlwind


That painted hair is AMAZEBALLS!!
I love the baby Dobby/Troll, whatever he his…hes so cute!


Hey…I was watching box openings on youtube the other day and came across one with those guys. I think it was the toddler they have with them.


I just love them. You don’t see too many reborn daddies , but I did see several at the show. they are so sweet with their babies.


AHHHHH the two faced silicone sculpt - what’s the name? I would kill to see one in person. I lose it every time I see on YouTube. SO cute. Hope you had a great time!!


I think they are London and Paris from noe art dolls. They are silicone


London and Paris were sculpted by Chenza Dolls and Noe bought the rights to pour them in silicone.


Thank you for sharing photos! That hair is so amazing. I too like the little troll baby


He was in a Harry Potter display. He is a newborn house elf!!


It was great to meet you Kristy!! Your new baby Landon is beautiful too!!!


It was great meeting you too! So nice to put faces to names :slight_smile: and finally experience rose!!


Evon’s painted hair makes me drool. :drooling_face::smile:


Her painting class was great! Evon is amazing! She paints the majority of the head with one brush–a number 12 round. A big fat brush!!! Not a tiny tiny liner. It is all in paint consistency and brush control. It blew me away! She makes it look sooo easy too.


Thank you so much for sharing. Looks like you had an amazing time. I pray I can go next year.


Would you happen to have any pictures of her brush? I heard she used to paint with a fan brush.


I don’t have a pic but Someone else might. She did used to use the fan. She said the fan is mentioned in her book because that’s how she painted back when she wrote it , and that’s really the only reason she included a fan in the class brush bundle. At end of class we asked how to use the fan and she demoed how it could be used. But She primarily uses 12 round now, bake, then add detail with a liner brush. The trick is thick paint


That hair, what i wouldn’t do to paint hair like that, hmm maybe practice? Those other pics ,oh boy, I can’t imagine the talent that is needed for making those, would those be used maybe in movie props? Idk, I can’t even look at them, they really bother me. (sorry not meaning to offend- just not for me)


I removed a pic now that you mentioned it because those babes never fare well. I think I was so caught up in the art it didn’t even dawn on me. But I’m glad you mentioned. The other little guy is meant to be baby doby From Harry Potter, a little troll


Here are a few of my pics… and other people’s pics of me :wink:
Mandy’s pic of my contest baby :slight_smile:

My booth before the show floor opened

My booth after day 2

Me on the first day

The ladies at my table for the baby shower. Karin, Holly, @joyce_angel1, @JillianJade, My oldest in the back, then Me :slight_smile: My 12 yr old was there too but hates pics so she didnt join the photo

Our group after the Ice Cream party Sat. (Photo is @colee1970’s)
@izzy, @lynn, @colee1970, @Cricket, @Blissfulbabies, @Angel, Me, My 12 yr old, @JillianJade, My 14 yr old, @alicekay56 and her hubby Mike


@jeepers, I dont think we ever introduced ourselves to each other :frowning: I didnt see @danidolly either… to my knowledge… I was in my booth most the time both days. I did get a chance to talk to @quiltsabunch :slight_smile: She found my booth and introduced herself. It was nice seeing new faces and hanging with my forum friends :slight_smile: Though I didn’t “hang” much. I had 2 of my kids with me and 1 wasnt feeling that well.