Photography Tutorial is ready!

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on this tutorial for a bit now and it honestly got a bit out of hand :rofl: It was not supposed to be as big as it is, but it’s over 100 pages long and has a lot of good info in it. I’m charging just 10$ usd for it, pm me for an invoice and then I can email you the PDF file :slight_smile: Here’s a sneak peek of everything that is covered! There’s lots of pictures, charts and tips!


Great idea and invaluable information!!! That means really valuable right? Not like infamous? When I was a teen I just thought that meant really famous LOL! But seriously a small price to pay for a follow along diy! I’ve paid tons for classes and workshops so this is a great deal


Thanks! I hope people find it useful! I tried to keep it simple and easy to follow because I’ve taken photography classes that were SO boring and long that I retained none of the information. Once you know what things do and how to do them then it’s all practice basically.


Just my opinion…you need to post samples of your own photography while attempting to sell a tutorial. People need to see what you’re capable of teaching. This is the same with any tutorial. Always show the results of what you’re trying to sell. :blush:


Sure :slight_smile: I can do that. Here’s a few reborns that I recently photographed.


Out of curiosity which kits are those? I’m loving the lips on both and the arms above her head are so sweet and remind me of my preemie boy who was born at 16 inches and is now 17 and over 6ft tall! I miss those tiny parts

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First one is Ylenia by Elisa Marx, her open hands make her a newborn photographer’s dream :rofl: And the second is Maia by Priscilla Lopes, she’s super tiny maybe 16 inches so she’s about the right size! She’s my favorite baby that I’ve ever made and she just sold last night

You sold her??? Ack how could you part with her :sob: you do such beautiful work! Reborning and photography :heart_eyes:

Im trying to think of other places you could offer your tutorial. Ebooks, instagram, etsy would be a good place. I know they take a fee but you could charge more.

Yup, I don’t keep any of my dolls. I’m saving up for a service dog puppy so I need all the money I can get. She’s going home as a boy to live with one of my other dolls so she’ll be in a good home!
I definitely could do that. I want to keep it on the forum at first, and then I can branch out later if people like it.

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I’d love to buy a copy! I’ve been reading up/watching videos about photography lately and really trying to figure out how to make my own pictures better, so this will be great! I love your pictures, thanks for sharing! I’ll send you a PM:)

I’ll be buying one after I get home from Rose and sell a couple babies!

I LOVE this tutorial, thank you again @MilosMeadows! I put my review on a separate post, but I’ll add it here as well:)

@MilosMeadows photography tutorial is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it! This is the tutorial I have been wishing for! It is completely comprehensive, it is such a wealth of information, plus is it very easy to understand! The best part is it teaches how to photograph reborn dolls, not real babies, and there really is a significant difference between the two. At only $10 this tutorial is an absolute steal! (I would like to note that I was not asked to give this review, this tutorial really is that good!) You should definitely order a copy!


I want to officially say thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of this tutorial! If you didn’t know (I’d be surprised if you didn’t, it’s all I’m talking about lately lol) all the money raised from this tutorial will be going directly towards bringing home my service dog puppy! And I’m now about 150$ closer to my goal! So THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it! And I’m glad it’s helpful!


I’m glad to have contributed to your fund for your service puppy. I’m gonna look over the tutorial tonight when I get in the bed. Thank you for putting the tutorial together . I’m sure a few of us, including myself can benefit from it.

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Thank you! I will be sure to share lots of pictures and updates after he’s here! I’m still anxiously waiting for him to be born, even though it won’t be til mid-late fall, but I’m very excited!
I hope you like it!

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I’m interested but I’m new to the forum. Can you please send me a private message? I think I can respond if you send the first message, but I can’t figure out how to send one from mobile. Thanks!!

Will this tutorial work even if you use your phone to take photos?

Yes, it will. You can use all the other things, just skip the camera settings part.

I’ll send it in a bit, I’m about to head out on a walk with my dog but once I get back I will send it :slight_smile:

Same here, just click on @MilosMeadows :wink: