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I do not know if they do this everywhere or just around here in Florida,but has anyone tried to sale their babies on the online yard sale sight or craft markets?? I just listed 4 babies for sale on there in my area I am only asking 100.00$ we will see what happens!!

At this point, anything is worth the try. If you don’t sell, at least you might be able to educate the general public and promote your work.

I actually did try that this weekend! I asked $100 each and had 5 babies out. Tons of interest and compliments, but no takers – oh, except for one old man who walked up as I was combing the hair on my Libby, and he said “I’ll take that one!” You should have seen his face when he realized she was a doll AND for sale!

But seriously, I did take this opportunity to make some business cards up at Staples (250 cards for 5.98?) and was able to pass them around to interested people. I did not really expect to sell because I don’t think yard salers go around with that much cash on them for an impulse purchase, but it helped let people know about my work. Times are tough and we have to look at every opportunity. Go for it - and good luck. Check out Staples too, I think it helps to be able to give them something and the cards look professional. Oh, and one more thing, I also put out my work binder showing each step of the way, and had a blank vinyl kit there for comparison. Surprisingly the men were maybe more receptive to the costs than the women were!

I sell off facebook, you do still get the i’ll pay for it next week… “my family died can you send it now and i’ll pay later”. But apart from a few bad eggs i have been flat out with custom orders, a lot of photograph prop makers are very interested in reborns to display their work, i have 2 orders this month for those ladies, so i gave them a discount so that they advertise my baby on thier site for photographers who might want to practice. Which 2 of my babies have gone to photographer last year! Its great, i still use ebay for those dolls that dont move, but the ladies love to see the baby coming to life with little update photos! And choosing names!!! You get a lot of interest in people wanting to name them if you ask!!

I’ll have to try that too. Thanks for the tips!

5.98$ is a great price I will check in to that!! I am on several online yard sales and craft fairs through facebook so far lots of comments and interested people but no takers!! On one of my posts there was a lot of people saying creepy and scary!! I was fine with it at first but got tired of it and let them know that I could start posting how scary and creepy their stuff they are selling is…it stopped after that!! LOL

I only have one doll listed in one creative web shop, but prefer to show them off on real craft markets