Penelope by Alicia Toner cute cute cute

This is the Penelope by Toner my version for a customer I think she is cute size baby LOVE THE SIZE.


Totally agree with you and i love yours !!

Your baby is beautiful.!!

Thank you she is a big baby to reborn …What is weird is I saw one from another artist I think dolls to babies reborn her like a newborn she is more look me a 3 month old size however she does wear Newborn clothes.

Your version of this sculpt is my favorite so far. Beautiful baby!


How lovely of you to say.Thank you that is one of the kindest messages thank you :blush:

She’s beautiful, Noell! :blush:

Thank you her mommy gets her on the 7th so hopefully she loves her I captured her single one and only daughter as a baby and she is so excited.I’m following along with her I love it when people are so happy with the work and excited to receive.It is just a special feeling to be part of making people happy and know over the years a piece of my work will carry on possibly generations…