Pencil portrait of Twins!


Here is a pencil portrait of Autumn and further down Faith is shown. They are April Yap’s twins. The were a lovely subject to drawn and I hope you like them!!! Sarah

Here is Faith

Sarah xxx


i love to draw, i’m no good at drawing people, stuff like this is my inspiration, thanks : )


That’s amazing! Do you sculpt? If you don’t you should look into it!!! :0)


This is wonderful!! You are very talented!! Thanks for sharing I loved seeing the progress thru the pictures!!


Beautiful! My brother and nephew are both visual artists and I know from them how very difficult it is do sketch children and have them look natural – your work is beautiful and so are the girls!!


Amazing job


Wow I love them!! What a talent you have!!!


They are beautiful amazing portraits. You are a very talented artist Sarah.


Thanks Ladies for all your thoughtful comments. Luv21, I do sculpt a little bit and when I have more time would like to do more. I am interested in sculpting babies and monkeys. Thanks again. Sarah xxxxx


I like them better than the “queen”… LOL!! You are very talented…


Beautiful drawings!


You are so talented. Beautiful Drawings!!


Stunning work


LOL!!! Thanks Pia they are certainly prettier than the Queen. Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments. Sarah xxxx


uh oh dont let the queen hear you or it will be off with your head lol.

I love your portraits- excellent work.

Sarah did a portrait of my son and I love it. I highly recommend her work she was wonderful to work with and she kept in contact through the process and asked for my input.

When I opened the carefully packed portrait I cried.
Thank you Sarah


Wow! what a wonderful gift to be able to draw like that! It looks effortless! I am ga-ga over the beauty of the work!


Your drawings are simply amazing! You’re very talented!


I am just speechless and incredibly in awe of your work and your talent.


Thanks Ladies so much for your comments and appreciation. xxxx Sarah x