Pellon Perfect Loft

Has anyone tried this?

If you have, I am wondering if it is comparable in any way to Angel Silk.

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I have a different brand, but it is cluster stuff, and angel silk. My thoughts are that the cluster stuff is more airy, where as the angel silk is more like its name, silky…hard to describe. I do feel like the cluster stuff is less likely to pack down thinner over time if you use larger amounts.

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I use the cluster stuff in my dolls but not this brand. I have only ever had a sample of angel silk so i cant really comment on how it compares in a doll. The cluster stuff I use is just that, more of tiny clusters of soft pillowy stuffing.

Is yours the Morning Glory brand – Cluster Stuff?

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This is the brand I have. It is wonderfully soft

Yes, I have had that, and I may actually still have some. But today I was in my sewing room, and I saw the one by Pellon – it came from Hobby Lobby. But when I put in to search for it on their website it says there is nothing to show. Oh well. I think these 2 are very comparable with each other. I was just curious about how it compared to the Angel Silk. The Angel Silk would be $15.80 per 16 ozs. And, the Pellon one was right at $9 for the 16 oz. pkg. So, at least I know I am saving money, and it is local so I don’t have to pay shipping. :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks guys for your input.

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Yes. Pretty sure that is the brand I have. :blush:

I use Cluster Stuff from Walmart.