Peeling paint


The paint is peeling off my doll after only two days in her new home! Why is this happening? Kit was washed and prepped correctly, used MG isolation coat and then Soft touch varnish. I changed the doll’s clothes several times but I keep socks on the hands and feet to change them. Even the leg is peeling!
I offered a full refund with return of the doll, but the customer would like me to fix it or give a partial refund. I don’t think I am able to repair the doll, unless you guys have any ideas? I got nothing :woman_shrugging:t2:


I am no expert but can the Sun do that! Like being in a hot car? I sure am curious. What kind of paint do you use?


It’s Liquitex. Do you think it can be repaired?


Oh no, I sure was hoping you didn’t say liquitex, lol! I have never had anything like that happen. Hopefully someone with more experience can help. @anjsmiles @jeanhai
That is so weird. The only thing I can think of is that I let my babies sit for a month before I let them go. I never prime my babies or use an isolation coat nor do I use alcohol to clean or strip them. I do use Soft Touch Varnish in the end. Every 3 layers I apply MG or UMG alone, mixed, with distilled water and let it set for 24 hours before I continue. I wish I could help more.


Uh oh :grimacing: was she fully cured?


It reminds me of glue peeling… :confused:


Me too. I use Liquitex and soft touch varnish but I’ve never used an isolation coat and never had this happen. Could it be that? Maybe the isolation coat and the soft touch varnish aren’t compatible? I’d be on total meltdown and I feel for you. I have no idea how to fix it since we don’t know what caused it.


Which isolation coat did you use? The one with the gloss gel and pearl paint?
Thats very strange because I use that (I use Golden fluid paints and Panpastel powders) and one coat of Golden polymer matte varnish with super matte medium and matting powder, let that dry for a day, then I do a coat of Americana soft touch with matting powder. I let my babies sit for three to four weeks before selling (root after one or two weeks) and Ive never had this problem either.


Have you or has anyone here had problems with Liquitex? These things would be great to know for future reference. :slight_smile: This picture does look odd, and I am no way experienced enough to even begin to help. I am really sorry about this. I never leave my dolls in the car (I seldom have a doll with me) as I have heard that the heat will not be good at all for the vinyl. If anyone comes up with an idea on this I would love to know. Maybe I should “follow” this thread?




I use Golden paints and have never seen paint just peel up like this. I have, however, had paint rub off after sitting for a long time. I picked up the part and the paint just kind of slid off. There seemed to be something with that particular kit… paint just did not want to stick to it. I wish I could remember the paint, probably wasn’t golden. That might have been liquitex.


I used to use Liquitex- still do sometimes and never had this happen. I know sometimes the paint can take much longer to cure than I expected. I wonder if it is possible the paint had not cured and the isolation coat acted as a barrier made it such that it never really did cure. I am just speculating, maybe Angie or someone else can help. I don’t know how you could fix it.


Looks more like the varnish itself is peeling…i cant remember which air dry varnish i had used on one of my babies but it started peeling


I am not an expert but I have experienced peeling like this when I used Folk Art glass and tile. It is why I stopped prepping my kits before painting, as I read other seal/preps can peel too. I had four dolls that this happened with. Some of them were small spots and others large areas. My daughter still plays with an Emmy that has a small spot that peeled on her foot and it has not spread. We also live in a very humid area so that probably plays into it as well.

My daughter created a Frankenstein doll and he is peeling now so I considered sealing it again with soft touch. I’m not sure if that will stop the peeling but might be worth a try.


It’s happened to me with liquitex, on the heel only when touching another piece of vinyl. I think it’s not cured enough. Liquitex medium is sticky. I use Golden now and it has never happened again.


I’ve been using Liquitex for years and never had a problem.


I am also wondering if she cured long enough. Has it been humid where you live? Humidity can slow down air dry cure time.


Thanks for that info, Jean


The gloss gel


So you mixed that with water and the paint, right?