Peach kit question?

Hi Ladies I hope someone can give me some advise:) I did my first peach kit a couple weeks ago and thought it came out alittle peachy more so on the lips, but I was happy with her turn out For my next peach kit I thought of using the green wash first I usually do that on the pink kits but will it help tone down the peach kits also???
Thanks for any help
Gina J

If the peach is on the orange side then you would want to do a light blue wash. If the peach is more on the gray side then you would want to do a yellow wash. Just make sure you do very thinned down washes either way.

Thank You!!! My kits look alittle on the orange side, I have never done a blue wash can I use vein blue or should I buy a regular blue ???
Thanks for the help
Gina J

You can use vein blue. I usually mix in some nail tip white to make a sky blue color. Just remember to make it very thin. You can do as many washes as needed to get the color where you want it.

GREAT!!! Thank you so much I’m going to try that
Gina J

Ok please help what do you mean wash? Like wipe the vinyl ,sponge on? Sorry new to reborning and i have learned bunches from you gals, Like the tooth pick in the nose its great,I really want to try a peach kit kameko but i do not know what paints to start with thanks so much for your info.I am a dog groomer that is learning to reborn all prayers are welcome God Bless

A wash means that you do a very thinned out layer. So you would add a lot of thinner to your paint. I usually paint it on (it will be very runny), then pounce and clean out the creases with a fan brush, making sure you have no paint pooling in your creases.

Thanks so much

I just finished painting a peach color Eden and she was real gray. I just have the pre-mixed paints so I didn’t have yellow. I remembered seeing on a tutorail video that the lady did a purple wash. I decided I would try watering down the eyelid purple and did 2 or 3 layers of it and I LOVE the outcome. Eden now has a beautiful snow white flesh that is perfect!!!