Ladies, this is a great forum, It seems like something got crossed and mixed up somewhere . If I have a problem or an issue with someone I have found it’s best to go straight to them first. The more people talk back and forth to others about it, things get all messed up with differrent meaning as to what was said or a word changed here and there. We all tend to strike back when our feeling are hurt, but it’s best first to go straight to them and who knows it might have been just a misunderstanding. If not, just settle it between you and let it go. My brother died last week and I didn’t get to say goodbye. Life can end at any given moment. We were made differnt, I might look at a a dress and say it’s pink, you might say light rose, we all see things different, do things different and think we are right most of the time and the other is wrong. So just go straight to the person , before it gets out of control.

Peace To All
God Loves His Children
Patricia ANN

So sorry for your loss of your brother. Hugs!

Sorry to hear about your brother Patricia. Sending condolences to you and your family.