Paypal or Square for cards?


Anyone here use these things? I want to take cards at craft fairs, etc.


I’ve used Square and been happy with it. I think the app for phones is really nice and the fact that you can build an inventory is nice. Also that the hardware is available in stores. The Paypal one you have to order online.


I’ve had a square reader for years for my phone to take credit cards at shows. It works great and very convenient:)


I saw that there is a square app and they’re trying section c is comprable to PayPal’s. What other fees apply, if any? Do you have to have a membership?


I have a square reader but have not used it or set up an account.
I think it has to be hooked to a bank account


I would guess it would have to be connected to some kind of bank account in order to be able to send the money to you. My daughter, who is a massage therapist, had the square some years ago. That is they way she was paid a good bit, because it seems we don’t carry cash much anymore. As far as I know she didn’t have any problems with it.


Nothing is I have already set up Paypal for all of my online transactions. I just haven’t registered for a PayPal business account. I don’t want to spread my bank account information all over the place, but Square seems like a better deal, rate wise. Then again, I was reading that square only deposits your money at the close of day, so what’s to stop someone from giving you bad information, taking your doll, and then going back and disputing the charge? I feel like PayPal offers a bit more protection in that respect.


I used the free swipe triangle for Paypal last year and they held my funds (after $700 swiped in a week) for 30 DAYS.
So my funds from my booth at ROSE were held for a month.

Had I used their blue tooth card chip reader device (about $25 and I had with me but forgot to charge) my funds would not have been held.


@Peachtree Elizabeth, are you going to participate in specific craft fair or it was just a question for the future plans?


Future endeavors. LaGrabge dies a Christmas market in Novenber that I might try. There is a market in April, but all of my regularly priced babies sold :slight_smile:


LaGrange Texas?


LaGrange, GA. There’s a LaGrange in KY, too :stuck_out_tongue:


Darn, I was hoping I’d found a neighbor! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it needs to be hooked up to your bank account so you can get paid. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Peachtree Let me know if you’ll do it. I’ll come to support you :slight_smile: