PayPal Dispute (Help)


Hi, ladies!

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the holidays have been lovely for every one. :slight_smile:

Now, there is something I could really use some advice with. Near the middle of December, a buyer opened a non-delivery dispute against me. The day after adding the tracking number to our PayPal transaction. It was opened for non-delivery. I figured it would be closed upon delivery. It was not. I have messaged this customer several timea through messages and PayPal, telling them that the tracking number shows as delivered. They have read my messages, but have made no attempt to communicate or close the case.

I have not escalated to a claim as I provided PayPal with a tracking number that shows as delivered to the address provided by them. It is estimated to be resolved on the third. Will the case be closed in my favor? Or should I escalate the dispute to a claim?

I have not done this because I needed the funds. I still do and the waiting times for PayPal are so long, but I also don’t want to unfairly lose money for a product that was delivered.

Could anyone provide me with some advice?
Am I making the right decision by waiting for PayPal to decide who won the dispute?

I appreciate any and all help. :heart:



I personally would try calling them and speaking with a representative


I agree…thats what I would do as well.


I third that,call them and if you provided tracking and shows delivery, should be no problem


Yeah I would call them! you should have no problems with them siding in your favor. I mean it was shipped and delivered so I’d hope they would not go with the buyer… That would be messed up!!


Could someone have stolen it from their porch? Or maybe it was delivered to the wrong house. My neighbor called me and told me that the Fed Ex man was trying to give my package to her.


I completely agree. It is possible.
I would believe that, but she opened the dispute before the package had arrived and after I had provided her with a tracking number.

If she tried to communicate with me, I would figure something out with her. However, she only leaves my messages on ‘read’. (Messenger)
I tried to communicate with her through PayPal and nothing. :frowning:


@everyone Thank you so much, ladies! It does seem like the best option to call. I had been hoping to avoid it, but I have to do what I cam to have this resolved fairly. Again, many thanks to you all! :grin:


Yeah, she is definitely trying to scam you. Have you offered to refund her if she sends the baby back and pays shipping?
At least then you would have the baby back but definitely try to work through PayPal first.


Contact Paypal ASAP and ask if it would be best to escalate to a claim. I believe that claims cannot be reopened once ruled by Paypal. You want to make sure this happens in case she tries to go to her CC company and claims an unauthorized charge and tries to reopen it. If tracking showed delivered, then you met your obligation and your money released back into your account. I feel for the buyer if the package was stolen or misdelivered, but you aren’t responsible for that. The buyer will need to contact the carrier in hopes of it being recovered. If you are in contact with the buyer, it is best to not take any responsibility for the lost item. Direct her to contact the carrier.


I’d call PayPal and tell them what you’ve told us. Red flag if she filed the claim the day after the tracking number was added. Even Bountiful Baby doesn’t deliver THAT fast, especially right before Christmas. I think she’s trying to get a free baby. Did you send it with signature confirmation requested? You might be able to find out who signed for it.


Then that’s a red flag. I agree. Talk to PayPal and see what’s happening.


Please let us know what happens!


An update:

I contacted PayPal and the case was closed today. I am so relieved! This dispute definitely made the holidays unbearable. I had been hoping to use those funds, but I am glad this has been resolved now. The buyer has now changed their name and I wonder if it is because of this? Their name is Tara Hunt (now Dew).

This was through the Facebook groups, so be a bit careful ladies. I like to believe that this was all a genuine mistake. Perhaps, the holidays kept her busy and unable to respond to the dispute. In any case, this matter has been resolved.

Thank you to everyone that provided me with advice. I appreciate it! :smile:


You need to call paypal directly. You will be on hold for a long time but it will get resolved then and there. Make sure you have the tracking number they will ask for it. Don’t let too much time go by.

If it was delivered there will be no dispute. Paypal will credit you and leave the customer to deal with the bank.


Did she get the doll or did you get a refund??