Patience turned into a higher sale price!

Recently, I had a non-paying bidder on ebay for Emily (Kaelin by Denise Pratt). The sale price had been about $147; not that it matters because the buyer never paid. (BTW, even though ebay returned my fees I was NOT allowed to leave any feedback this person. Really?!) So, I listed Emily on and she just sold for $225! Yea!!! So much better than $147. :smiley:


Congratulations on your sale and the resolution of a bad experience.

Is it hard to sell babies on Do enough people go there to look? How long did it take to make the sale?

YAY!!! That is soooooo GREAT!!! Good for you!!!

Thank you, Otterbaby! It feels good.

Honojane, this is my second sale on there; it’s very easy. The first baby sold in 2 days and this is the second sale; she sold in 15 days. I have two more on there waiting for their new mommies. It’s less stressful than ebay. I’ve had some potential buyers email with questions and they have joined my Facebook page. It seems to draw a better set of buyers than ebay.

Thank you, Karen!


I’ll have a baby waiting for her photo shoot and I plan to try my luck at ~ sounds promising! I’m a member, but have never tried before.

Great! Send the link when you post the baby.

This is a must try! It looks like the place serious buyers hang out. Thanks for the tip.

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I think you’ll like it, Honojane! Please share your nursery when you start. Here’s my nursery:

I saw the name of your nursery when I visited this am. Doodlebug was my daughters nickname but we usually called her “doodle”. We still do sometimes and she’s in college now! I’m going to join. My hubby has to show me how to link it to my paypal. I like to only accept paypal payments.

My dad started calling me “Doodlebug” when I was little but it evolved into “Bug”. :wink:

Our other daughter, who is very petite, is called “Bug”. Funny, huh?

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You made that Rina look really good.

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Thank you, Michele! I bought her on sale and thought I’d make the best of it and rose to the challenge. She’s actually very sweet and she’s a “hit” when I take her out in public.