Partial reborn Babsi

I am going to part with sweet Babsi here that I made for myself since I really prefer the larger dolls. She started out as a Babsi play doll that cost $30. She has been given a new soft jointed body. Her paint job was enhanced with air dry acrylic LDC paints and sealed with matte air dry sealer. Her nails are tipped. She is weighted inside her 1/4 arms and feet, slightly in her body and her head with glass micro beads. She now weighs 2 lbs 6 oz. and is 18" long. She has a magnetic hair bow but no magnetic paci. (I don’t care to cover up the mouth on my babies). If you want a magnetic paci installed, I can do so for $5 extra. Her original hair has been cut and styled to perfection. I will send her along in this Middleton Treasured child outfit that is a perfect fit for her. $65 SHIPPED IN THE USA … BabsiA.jpg … BabsiB.jpg … BabsiC.jpg … BabsiD.jpg

I bought an Adora outfit for her that fits everywhere but the top snap won’t snap in the neck. If you want that outfit I will sell it to you for the $15 I paid for it. … adress.jpg