Pants for our babies

Hi, I was just dressing my Mary and found a pair of very simple pants. no elastic on legs but
they cover the fabric nicely. I don’t like diapers on the jointed cloth legs. nice simple
panties work well but where can we get them plain white for boys and a little lace on the
edge for girls. well, what do you think??

Washigton State Washington? East, West North or South? Heard of Olalla? I live there and barely notice it.

Hi, heard of your area but don’t know where it is. we are close to seattle in renton. nice to hear
from you. rosemarie

I’m across the Tacoma Narrows near Gig Harbor. Nice to know there are others out there!

not too far. Just accros the sound. your baby is so sweet. I don’t root so I am very aware when they have that new
baby look. I have been doing this for years and my house is full of dolls. I did sell 3 last month.

I can make any kind of pants you want just have to know exactly what you want. Pictures help, type of material and measurements. I have a serger so all seams are bound and nice and neat.
If you want some pants let me know and my prices are reasonable.

Hi, I did pm you so hope you received it.