Paisley - WIP


Yes please do!!!


Ty everyone for the help. I was planning on using just thinning medium because I don’t care for the gritty feeling. BUT, it didn’t allow me to draw on my vinyl with Prisma. And I really, really want to use prisma pencil for some things. I like the variation it can give.


Try wetting the tip of the pencil with paint thinner and drying it on a paper towel. I use a prisma for nails,creases,lips and capillaries sometimes and I don’t varnish first.


I’m sorry for taking over your post @YelenaRey! I didn’t mean to take away from Paisley because he/she is adorable!


No problem, Tessa. I am GLAD to learn from every single reply. My knowledge is close to Zero and a lot of info comes from this forum :slight_smile:


Eyelashes turn sweet little girls into princesses.
Of course tomorrow when glue will dry they will be trim a little.


Love my new baby ‘addition’. She is not assembled yet and need a few more steps… So close!
And first grandbaby crib and other stuff found a good use again :slight_smile:


She came out beautiful. And your hair painting…I am so impressed, I cannot believe you are a beginner. Each doll gets better and better!


She’s amazing! You’re a natural at this! :heart_eyes:


You did an amazing job on her!! She’s beautiful!! Paisley was my very first reborn doll about 6 or 7 years ago.


Thank you! I am in love with her! I did like the kit when I initially ordered (but didn’t know anything about reborning yet), but never thought that I’ll love that scrunchy cutie baby so much!


Oh my gosh!!! I love the hair!!! This was all prisma pencil? How many colors? I’m going to buy some today…


No this is Genesis paint. Prisma proved to be useless for me.


It looks amazing…


Paisley was sold as a boy in the first 24 h after the listing. I still miss him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He was adorable!! Great job!! :hugs: