Paisley - WIP


You are doing such a good job on your babies.


Thank you Ruth! I put so much love in each of them. The only kit that I am indifferent thus far is Logan asleep. Technically Logan suppose to be my 2nd baby, but I overcooked his limbs and now just dragging to get back to him.
I’ll let you know today as I promised, how the color of Brow Brown turn out for Paisley’s head.


I love the green eyes on her. She’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:


@Katinafleming I am sure you recognized the dress. I didn’t have anything with green to go with Paisley’s eyes and then I remember about Olivia’s dress :slight_smile:


I am wondering if you didnt accidently get a seconds kit or something? Paisley is the kit that started my passion for Reborning way back in 2008 I started reborning in 2007 but I fell in love with it with her kit. I just recently had the opportunity to do another one and I did not notice any of the flaws that you are mentioning?


Awww, your are so precious! No, I didn’t buy Paisley as a second kit. However the second picture does not look like her - nose and lips are different. The first one does.


Hi @Ruth, this is pic for you in Brown Brow color reference. This is only first layer and I also added light highlights, but it definitely different color than reddish (burnt umber) Blaze hair. I am trying thinner/ lighter look, so veining would be visible through the hair, but I am not sure how it will turned out at the end :slight_smile: So may be your paint has switch lids also? Those two colors looks almost the same when they are in the dish, but definitely different on the heads.

On the left is Brow Brown that I am using now.
On the right if Burnt Sienna that I used on Blaze.


I think you did an awesome job on her.I like the green eyes.


Yes! @Iselis made that beautiful dress and the hairbow. Didn’t she do an amazing job?! :heart_eyes:


Yes, it so pretty! And hair bow too? Wow! Since I started I didn’t see @Iselis on this forum. Does she post her clothes items here?


No. We did a Christmas layette swap. She drew my name. Maybe we will do another layette swap one of these days. It was fun. :slight_smile:


what may have happened is a remould. when they run out from what I understand (from years ago) they take the last kit and then make a new mould to pour that does alter the size and sometimes the shape of things.


Thank you. I will check that. You are doing an awesome job on your painting every aspect of the baby. You are a very quick learner! Your hair looks awesome!


What color did you use for the blonde highlights? They look so good!


Thank you. I wish I would leave it like that at that point. But I wanted darker since Paisley didn’t look like light haired child to me and at the end didn’t like it, wipe it all off and made a booboo. I’ll make take a picture and show it tonight. I’ll fix the booboo, it’s just a step back, but most important - new experience.


It’s a Prisma pencil. I’ll look at the color name when I’ll get back home tonight.


You wiped all that off! I thought it looked awesome!


I didn’t know that rubbing alcohol will take all layer of baked several times GHS paint. I was working on Paisley’s hair and decided to experiment with adding Prisma pencil to GHSP painted hair to get 3D effect. So it went from photo1 to photo 2. At the end I decided that I didn’t like it. May be varnishing over would soften the look, but to me it looked like a gray hair on a dark haired head. Anyway, I decided – not a big deal, I didn’t bake it yet, so it should come off. I used rubbing alcohol thinking it would be more gentle than Gamsol. And it did come off with all layers of paint! Only good old vein color stuck to the scalp. May be I rubbed too hard in that place, I don’t know. But it’s ok, I am going to fix that booboo, especially that is on the back, next to the ear area and it will be covered with the hair again, but the lesson is learned. Just advising other newbies not to try that.

But it’s always a blessing in disguise, I found new video with hair painting that I want to try now.

And I was thinking about you, April (@Lil), how hard it was for you to remove your Golden airdry paint :slight_smile:


@ Ruth, the color on Prisma pencil is Beige Peach, but you need to varnish head first to make it visible.


Be careful with peach beige. I had it turn neon yellow on me once. I didn’t even bake it, I used it for a rooting nap and by the time I went to wipe it off after footings it was stained bright yellow :frowning: