Paisley - WIP


This is my Paisley. If she would be yours what else would you do in shading & blushing?

Her lips are not final, and of course no eyebrows and eyelashes yet.
This kit is a little bit strange to me. I love that scrunchy face, but her ears and nostrils done like Denise Pratt didn’t want to finish them, you can literally see ruff sculpt knife cuts. Paints get’s in those places because they are not smooth, and on the opposite side I couldn’t make paint stay in her nose wings (don’t sure how you call those in English) for shading to my likening.

What else she needs? Do I need more blue between eyes and down from the nose to the lips corners?
Otherwise I will progress to her hair painting :slight_smile:


Always remember that I am not up to your level when I post things here. But, in my opinion, I think she is lovely! Now, if others give more tips, I will take note of them for my future use as well. Of course, I know you are still planning a couple of things for her.


Also, I wanted to ask for clarification on this part of your message: "her ears and nostrils done like Denise Pratt ". Are you talking about just how the kit was sculpted to begin with, or is there something else? I don’t have this kit, so I am wondering.


Yes, what I meant that seems like her sculptor Denise Pratt just decided to quit on her without refining some details:) For example, Ella that I did first, was done by Denise Pratt also, but she is done so finely, if my choice of word make any sense.
And you are so sweet and kind. I am on level zero in reborning, just learning and experimenting, but thank you for your compliment anyway.


I think it is a very old kit. One of the first (I think)

You are doing a great job :heart:
I would add some thin blue areas and veining


I don’t normally have a problem understanding people who do not speak fluent English. I have had many friends from many countries (My husband retired from the military) and I had no problems with the speech. So, yes, I understand you now. I do think this was one of the first ones, but I could be wrong. They had a Paisley way back when I first wanted to reborn. I somehow feel this is the same one, but not sure.


I personally like more blue undertones, but she’s looking good!


Full disclosure, I can’t see all that well, so if my suggestions are already there, ignore me. Very nice base skin tones and blushing.
I might consider some vein blue between the eyes along that crease and some lavender or vein blue at the corners of each eye. A little blue shading also looks good at the tip of each nostril. I was being creepy and studying babies at a friend’s birthday party and was looking for where I could hyper color different areas and that’s what I noticed. I like hyper-realistic dolls, though.


Thank you, everyone, for your input. I added blues, she already had veinings on the face, but I emphasised them more. Added some more blushing just because I just got Crimson 01 color and I wanted to experiment with it. She is looking lovey to me. :heart_eyes:
I am glad that I am getting more and more brave to bring bolder colors to life.


@Peachtree, Hahaha, since my grandchildren are so far away I do it too, but in stores when I am standing in line :grin:


@jlesser, Yes, it says 2006 on the back of Paisleys head. I hope I didn’t offend Denise Pratt :blush:


I haven’t seen a Paisley in so long! She is so sweet, I’d forgotten how innocent and cute this sculpt looks. Great Job!


Thank you! This is a benefit to be newbie - all kits are new to me. Whoever was with the lowest price at that time - made it to my basket… I don’t even remember why I bought 2 Paisley’s… :grin:


Paisley was one of the very first kits that my mom reborn! She’s a true classic. :star:


Wow! That’s interesting to know. I hope I didn’t screw-up that classic. Tomorrow she will get her hair painted, but I couldn’t help not to put her quickly together and snap a few pictures. I call her my ‘Little Green-eyed Froggy’ because of her limbs :slight_smile:
I have grey eyes also, but I think I’ll go with the green for this Paisley.
Oh, and eyebrows are just my marks. She’ll get them tomorrow together with hair.


awww, she’s a sweetheart!
you’ve done a great job, can’t wait to see her w/ hair :kissing_closed_eyes:


Any suggestions? Thank you!


I like the green on her


I like the green eyes on her. :heart:


I think she is a very pretty baby.