Painting those nasty Eyebrows! LOOK

For those of you who are struggling with drawing or painting eyebrows this is a good “Tutorial” to follow. Learn to use It, and you will be doing the perfect Eyebrows in no time. Enjoy!

I decided to post it on the (Eyes Brows, & Lashes) and the (Regular) forum as well:lol: your OK, all of the post were on the regular forum who commented! Usually, few ever go to the other forums here so after I posted on the forum, I decided it’s probably best to add it here to. I have had this on here before a few times ,but no one saw it …Soooo

i posted ages ago my own tutorial on eyebrows, ill bump it up



Thank you so much for putting this up ,it is excellent,I really appreciate you doing this,some of us newbies dont know our way around this forum ,so it is kind of someone who does to do it.Thanks again