Painting the chimps?


Okay, those of you who have reborn the chimp kits tell me please what colors you used to paint them? Did you use mostly black and then flesh and blushes for the face, hands, and feet? I am wondering if there is any other color you put on the body? I want mine to look like the typical baby chimpanzee. I am giving it glowy green eyes as it is supposed to be Baby Caesar from Planet of the Apes when I am done. Hubby wanted me to make this one, LOL!


I will be watching this post with much interest; I have never seen a tutorial for the chimps and always wondered how they were painted/rooted.


When I did mine I did 2 coats of the mars black was not satisfied with the results. Then I mixed I believe red and black did 2 coats. I think I mixed blue next with black and then I got to thinking when Midnight is in the sun he has kind of a purplish hint to him. So I mixed mars black and eyelid purple. Bingo this was exactly what I was looking for. I hope this helps. As far as the muzzle I did black wash on it.


Did you put the coloring on as a solid type coat or blotchy or how?
BTW, who is midnight?


When I did my chimps I used brow brown all over and then mixed some black and did it over the dark areas. I left the muzzle and and around the eyes brown. It turned out great. I didn’t get any pictures because they sold immediately. I have two more as custom orders. If you look up pictures of chimps and orangutangs they can range from orange to brown to black. I used the makeup wedges to apply. I like the chimps because there are so many options for the color and hair. I had a lot of fun making mine. Can’t wait to see yours.


Thanks Tina. I am taking this all in. I think I will want my chimp more on the black side as I am trying to make it look like this one. In some footage he looks black and in others he looks more brown.

This is him grown and I got some glowy green eyes like this for mine.


I used the cosmetic sponge and the only thing I took off was the sharp edges so solid I guess and midnight is my 175 lb. baby. He is a lab/mastiff dog I rescued off the side of the road 12 years ago. He is the joy of my life now. I barely pull him from the brink of death, literally.The vet said less 24 hours and he would have been dead. His organs had already started shutting down. I have 2 more sold for sure and I bought 3 extra kits I sell all I can make and get finished.


Awe what a sweet story about your dog!
Congrats on selling so many monkeys! Are they all local buyers?


Yes I sell all my monkeys and dolls within my state anyway. Thank you so much. I work 72 to 96 hours a week so I stay very busy. I rarely get to reborn a baby of any kind that I choose the eyes and hair color and such. I made a blue eyed monkey a while back and everyone who saw him loved him.


I bet that was cute!
The only time I get any local business sales is around Christmas and I have made some donations to the Alzheimer’s center.
No one around here wants to pay much for reborns though so I have to make mostly budget babies to sell local.