Painting hair

As I tried to “thin” a liner brush I ended up making myself a mini-rake brush and it worked really well for eyebrows.

Maybe you should try it. If you don’t like it, don’t bake.

The problem with painted hair is that you can’t finish the whole head and then decide if you like it. The strokes of hair can’t “intersect” with one another, so you have to do layers… And, what if, on the 10th layer you realize it’s HORRID?

I couldn’t convince myself to do it yet.

That is the beautiful thing about paint - you can always strip and try again. No one is perfect the first time out…you only get better by practice.

You can use the art pencils too, right?? Ive started to do it on a Aspen Rose, and like it so far. She has such a huge melon head I dreaded rooting her. It gave me the courage to try it finely. I am doing very fast strokes, and varying the length, using long and short ones. Hoping it looks alright when I am done.