Painting creases


I am having difficulty painting creases. Lavender has a lot of tiny creases on her hands and feet. Do you paint crease color into all of the creases and what color is a good combination? I am painting a dark flesh layer before I paint creases. Here is a picture. I have not painted the dark flesh layer yet.


It depends on the looks I am going fo whether I paint all of the creases or not. On chubby babies, I do not paint the smallest creases. On skinny and brand newborn babies, I paint more or most of the creases.


Thank you


Paint the deeper creases mainly (for me) and see how I like it. To paint Every single tiny crease. No I don’t :slight_smile: But with that said it’s never a step I take lightly, literally lol

Also, make sure your paint is thick because you will just wipe it right off. Thick where the thinner is mainly evaporated off. Then use a liner brush, let it sit for a bit and with another tiny brush kind of pounce and move the paint. Hard to explain. I hope it helps some.


Yes it helps a lot. Thank you


It actually answers my question with Priscilla’s creases. Her hands and feet looks like she was sitting at the hot bathtub for an hour :rofl: I’ve decided that no way I’ll emphasise all of them.

I just remember when my son was little and after a long bath he saw how wrinkly his fingertips and toes became he said: ‘My fingers on fire!’ :joy:


That is how Lavender’s hands and feet were on my first painting of her creases! Lol :rofl:


Advice and critiques welcome on the creases.