Painting and rooting


Beings I’m very new to this I’m wondering how much it takes everyone to paint there baby and how many hours or days to root?


Depends on person. Rooting takes me atleast 25 hours.


I’m pretty slow at rooting lol, I like to take my time and do it a little a day so if it’s very thickly micro rooted then it can take up to 3 weeks! If it’s soarsely rooted, 1-2 days, medium rooted about a week. Painting, I use GHSP and it typically takes me about a week depending on how much I paint during the days, sometimes it only takes 3 days to paint lol :smiley:


That’s about like me as far as painting. It took me four days but of course I had breaks in between. This one I’m doing now I’m just doing the layers as I see fit. I guess it’s all about the same right. I hope so lol. Oh gosh. Three weeks for rooting. That’s years for my umpteen million dolls then lol


Takes me more than a week to paint a doll. I paint hair, don’t root. :blush:


My painting takes about 15 hours if I don’t do anything special. But I use air dry, so don’t have to wait for the oven. I just paint the head and limbs one by one and then can pick up the first one again.
Rooting depends. On a sparsely rooted newborn it was about 10 hours if I remember correctly.


With my air dry paints I can do a new coat every 10 minutes but I have found I have to let the paint cure to the kit after I add the sealer before and after the first and final coat. It takes me 10 to 15 hours to root as well. I usually wait 3 to 5 days to root after the final sealer so the sealer can set on the plastic.


Well, my input prob wont matter as I am the slowest painter and rooter on earth lol. My painting can take me about 10 days if I sit down and go nonstop. Rooting, last baby was nonstop. I started on December 10th and finished on December 22nd!! I watched movies and episodes of One Born Every Minute on Youtube only if I had a needle in the head. It was almost 120 hours. I have a lot of distractions going on in my home lol.


I’m that kind of artist as well. Slow lol. But it’s all about taking my time and getting connected with my piece whether it be a reborn or a piece of art.


It take me about 45 days from start to finish. I use Air Dry and am in a humid climate. When done I like them to sit at least a Month before playing with them. I work on 3 at a time so I am usually done with one a month, rooting and all.

I have one baby with the first few layers, the second just about done with painting, the third is being rooted. That is my normal method. :slight_smile:


Do you prefer the air dry. I live in Louisiana so it’s very humid


For some reason when I was in GA it took longer to cure than here on the coast. I use Air Dry because I can’t use GHS because of migraines. Here is a little info and comparison for you.


Oh boy. I better keep an eye on that because I suffer from migraine as well