Painting a fairy using exclusively hair colors

So, I got Flo by Natali Blick and was feeling creative. I couldn’t afford a full set of air dry paints, especially since I’m not planning on selling this one, so I bought the trial hair painting set from MacPherson’s. So far, I’m having fun, even though there are only a handful of different shades! The only color I really wish I had is blue… apparently very few people paint blue hair :joy:

I’m trying to paint a “winter forest” baby with a touch of FIRE, thus the white lips and brows/orange complexion.

Here’s a very early WIP! I’m truly terrible at art, so please don’t attack me for my horrible workmanship, lol. I’m doing my best!


I bought Flo too but am not sure where I want to go with her. The blank kit did not look as cute as I had envisioned. You are off to a great start, can’t wait to see yours finished !

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I love her little frosty eyebrows! I can’t wait to see what you do with her, she is a beautiful kit

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That looks like a fun challenge!

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