Painted Pumpkins for Halloween!

My painted Pumpkins I did for Halloween !!! Thought I would share with you. how do you like Grandma with her Corn Cob pipe!!!

Those are cute! Your dog looks afraid of them

I love them Diane and I love your little terrier he/she is just too adorable sitting there posing for the pic

How fun…I miss those days with my kiddos…(sigh)

Hehe, the dog looks as though he’s waiting for that darn pumpkin to do something.

Thanks everyone! The dog is my son’s dog that stays with us most of the time. He has to be in the middle of everything I do( set’s or lays by me all the time) and he had jumped into the chair to check the pumpkins out. He was only doing what he was told to do (gave him the command to" Set") he will act on command! Love Winston like my own.

Those are adorable!! Awww and your dog is so cute !