Painted heads,

I’m just beginning to wonder if maybe doing a partially painted head, especially around the temples would help my sales a little. While I really love reborning and don’t expect to make a fortune it is discouraging when my babies don’t sell. I was thinking about trying to do some hair painting being that it seems to be selling a little better, though I love the real mohair. Does any one have any suggestions for painting at least the temples. I’m not sure what brushes to use and how thin the paint has to be or if medium extender needs to be used to get texture. I haven’t seen any tutorials on painting. I would really love to see some better tutorials put out in much more detail on rooting the mohair since to me this is the most time consuming and really affects how the babies look.

Appreciate any comments on this subject. I have many, many babies to reborn and I really won’t give up on it. Love doing it.

Well I can tell you what I learned NOT to do lol. I painted hair for my niece using my super thin veining brush (works well) in layers baking in between so they don’t bleed together and blur. This worked good I think. BUT THEN I painted over it with thick extender for texture. Don’t do that lol. Idk maybe it’s just me. It’s not like eyebrows adding strokes over a short hairs. When I tried to make hairlike strokes it just kind of melted and spread. I was using it straight out of the jar. I think it just ended up giving her a hard helmet of hair that doesn’t feel natural. Next time I decided to use it I’d add it to the paint, maybe thinned some idk without seeing it, then do my hair in layers as normal.

I have a head I’m working on that I painted hair first. I’ll try to put pics on in a bit. I’m still learning but I’ll share my attempt with you.

Here are some pics of my rooting over painted hair. I didn’t paint as much as I would have if I was going to leave it just painted. I mostly wanted a guide to follow.

Sorry for the lighting. I’m stuck on an iv today and I am using my iPhone camera. Of course the lights are flourescent. … 361739.jpg … 361775.jpg … 361830.jpg … 361795.jpg

thank you both. The tip about not using medium extender is very helpful as I wasn’t sure. The examples are very good. I think what I’m going to try before I go to a good head is try painting some test heads. I really love the rooted mohair and am getting better at that I think but I love the look of very tiny hairs just around the temple. I was also thinking a very thin brush with very few hairs.

Thanks for the posted pics. I’ll be sure to share any techniques that work for me.
Hugs to you both for you helping me on this.

Hi babybliss,
I didn’t realize both emails were from you, so very big thank you. It’s nice to know that other reborners are thinking about adding this in addition to the mohair rooting. I’ve done about 20 reborns so far and learn a little from each one. Even though it is very competitive is is one of the most rewarding crafting i have every done. I’m still not real sure about how to post pics on this forum but I’ll have to give it a try so you can see how my painting is turning out.

I’m working on Kendal by Pat Moulton and Trey, can’t remember the artists name. Both are BB babies. I’m also eyeing up an asian baby doll Li-Mei Doll Kit by Cathy Rowland. It would be my first Asian baby and I’m a little leary about trying it but what the heck. I think it’s adorable. I have been looking at … -baby.html
It is really a wealth of photos of babies of all ages. It’s helping me just by comparing different little newborns. I just wanted to share that with you if you think it might help you. It’s great.

Thanks again,
Look forward to corresponding with you again.

Thanks for that link! I’ll be surfing there tomorrow. I’m taking my second class from Lara antonuci. After the classes she offers them on PDF. If you want I’ll get you a link. This class was for Asian babies. She gives great classes & illustrations. The PDF you get is about 100 pages if I remember correctly and it’s in chapter form so you can put in a binder with tabs & what a great reference source!
I’m really happy with how the rooting over the paint is going. Much better than trying to create hairlines & swirls without a guide. I was terrified to paint hair but it was not hard and had made rooting so much better for me. I’m still very new but I try to learn as much as I can on each doll. That’s either called fearless or dumb can’t remember right now lol. Nothing ventured nothing gained right!?
I post pics with photobucket. Do you have a photo site you use? Lots of people use flickr or …well shoot I’m tired can’t remember. I’ll think of it tomorrow.

I use photobucket as my host. I haven’t tried any others. I’m still not too sure of how to post pictures on this forum. And I’ve seen postings with listings direct from ebay. Sad to say, I’m challenged on how to use this. If you could give me tips that would be great.

I just finished up Sugar from BB and am now working on Kendall and Trey. I am thinking about an asian little babe so you info on the classes might be useful.

I listed Sophie by Denise Pratt but was really disappointed with the results. I had it listed for $99.00 and got no bids. Then raised it to $275.00 because I really wanted to redo some things on it and I was sure it wouldn’t sell with that amount. I’m going to trim the hair a little bit and I added more moisture to the lips.

I’m going to do a completely new photo shoot. I think that’s my weak point.

Take care,
Talk to you again,

Open your post you’re making in one tab/window then open photobucket in a different tab/window so you can switch back & forth without closing either one.
If you click on a photo in PB then when it enlarges there’s a link that says Get URLs. Click that. Then right click & copy the bottom code (it’s an HTML NOT HTTP). Go back to your post you’re making and paste it. It will look like the line of code till after you submit your post. Then it should either be a picture or tell you it’s too big. If it’s too big go back to PB & resize it to medium & try the copy & paste again. Be sure to remove the original “too big” code or it will keep giving the too big message.
Keep copying & pasting till you get all the pics on there and you’re done! If you know your files aren’t too big then paste all of them on & then submit the post.

***If you can’t figure out how to resize you can copy & paste the second link which says direct link. Then after you submit your post it will have highlighted links to the pics instead of the pic itself. Not as fun for viewers but still doable for sure.

if you don’t have this problem this might be more confusion than help & you might want to skip it or take an aspirin
Too big files can be caused by how you’re saving pics in the camera. Ie: raw files are huge. I wouldn’t be quick to change your settings to a smaller file in your camera though because bigger is better as far as clarity, editing options etc. My camera will save two types of files at once so I save each image as a RAW file (GINORMIC) and jpg (normal size not much editing). If that’s an option you might think about it but if you don’t plan on editing exposure etc then jpg is probably just fine. Raw files will eat through a memory card in 5 seconds flat.

Did that help?



Thank you for taking the time to “school” me on this one. It’s really very nice of you. I’m going to copy the instructions and save them. It does definitely help. Thanks again,

Take care,

“great to correspond with you”