Painted eyelashes

I just seen a auction on ebay, where a lady not only painted the hair, but also painted eyebrows and eyelashes! She did an incredible job!!! I never thought about painting eyelashes but she pulled it off! take a look at her adorable baby! … AQ:US:1123

I guess I am a little confused. I did not see eyelashes in most of the pictures shown. I only really saw them in the first photo and that does not even look like the same baby. What am I missing?

cute baby but hate the hair. REally looks fake. Hairline is weird on the temple areas, and I couldn’t see eyelashes at all. Her eyebrows are nice though. Personally I would hate to have a baby or doll with that much drool on them! lol If my mom were alive she would be wiping off the mouth every 10 seconds! lol My friend’s little boy (who is now 40) used to call my mom the “wipin gramma” !
Sorry but the painted hair and all just doesn’t “do it” for me.