Paint wont stay on lips

After using glazing gel to paint Elly Knoops Lucas mouth, 3 days later they peeled, I stripped lips back with acetone , lips would not take paint, applied a coat of matte finish and lips will still not take paint, any idea’s I am haveing a coronary here, as I was so proud of her till I b-------- the lips

I just used some paper glaze over lips that had the glazing medium because I was making the spit bubbles between the lips. So far it’s staying well, It doesn’t look as shiny, but that’s good . The paper glaze almost looks like glass when dry and I don’t think it looks natural on the lips. I usually use a satin ] finish by Delta Ceramcoat on the lips to give them a soft subtle glow instead. If you use the paper glaze be sure to let it dry overnight even though it looks dry, it takes that long to cure and would probably work.

I have had something similiar happen, but not on the lips. (although I’ve never had the glazing gel peel before?)… You prolly have to restrip the lips and wash them very thoroughly. Then put another layer of matte varnish on them and increase the cure time and tempature from what you normally do. So, normally I set my oven to 265, I increased that to 275 and increased my bake time from 8 min to 10. Thats what worked for me.

Sometimes if you rub to hard with acetone it can affect the vinyl…that could be why it wont take paint …I learned the hard way:x

Julie, are you talking about adding a color (over) the Glazing Gel or putting a sealer (gloss) over the lips with the Glazing gel already on them ? It’s important to know because I always add a small amount of the glazing gel to my lip color ( before) I paint my lips. Then if I want them to shine I will add a gloss. NOTE: ON my jar of the “Glazing Gel,” it says do not paint more than (Two) layers of the Gel and it is just to give the eyelid, lips, nails, a soft dewy moist look. It will not put a shine on the lips like the gloss sealer does…If fact it doesn’t work well to put an( air dry type of sealer) over lips that have your (glazing gel) on them as it will peal off and I have had this happen before I knew how to use it. Using the instructions on the Genesis jar of glazing gel.

I mixed my paint with the glazing gel and applied to lips, I can not remember if I did more than 2 layers or not, probably did, knowing me, I then applied Genesis Air Dry Gloss, then 3 days later found her lips were peeling, I tried putting matt finish on her lips, still would not accept the paint in certain places , so in the end I have done her mouth with air dry paint , which looks okay but not as good as I would have liked
Hugs Julie

Ummm, thats strange, never had that happen yet. I have read of reborners not getting the paint to stick in places,because they handled the vinyl without washing hands first and it left oily spots. In which case paint won’t stick, but this, I don’t know. Sorry hon, I know how you feel.

Oh Kim your Arianna is to die for, she is so cute I love her
Hugs Julie