Paint Problems?


I can’t seem to get the paint to stick to the roof of my Binki kit’s Mouth and I was wondering if anyone had any tips?


You may want to put some matte varnish on it…that should help the paint stick to the vinyl. Are you using ghsp? If so just use heat set matte varnish…if you are using air dry perhaps someone else would be able to help you :smiley:


Did you scrub it well with dish soap before painting?
What paint are you using?
You can try a primer or a matte varnish layer first.


Try mixing the mouth color with thinning medium instead of thinner


You can actually use an air dry primer like RebornFX primer or a medium that can be a translucent ground such as Golden Liquide Matte Medium to prime it with. This will seal off the vinyl and make paint stick better. Let it sit overnight and then you can paint over it with Genesis. Both brands withstand heat setting just fine. I have done so.


I’m using ghsp so I will try adding a bit of the matte varnish to it. I scrubbed it well but the roof of the mouth was a hard area to reach so it may not have gotten the best scrubbing. Thanks guys!


You can try a toothbrush to reach those small areas.


Winsor Newton brush cleaner. Take a brush and brush all over inside the moth. then take a clean paper towel and wipe it out. take a pointed Q-tip and run it in the groves and it will take it right out. then make sure to wash out with dawn soap.