Paint One Of Your Favorite Kits CHALLENGE:)

I’ve got a list of babies I want to paint someday, and the list keeps growing because the sculptors are amazing and keep producing such beautiful kits! I decided it was time to paint one of my dream kits! I thought it would be fun to do this with others, so the challenge it to pick one of your favorite kits that you have been waiting to reborn. No more excuses of waiting to get better, or finding some free time (I’m really giving myself a pep talk here). Time to paint a dream baby!!!

If you are a brand new artist you might want to wait before starting a favorite sculpt, I ruined so many when I first started. Just thought I’d put a disclaimer so no one gets mad at me in case of a mishap. Participate at your own risk. :grin: If you aren’t ready to start a dream kit, or even if you are, we can talk about which kits are our favorites. Please join in, I need motivation to not chicken out and keep waiting to paint a favorite. The kit I am painting is Mumma’s Lil Monkey by Bonnie Brown.

Let’s have everyone email me their final pictures between April 15th-18th to No WIP date, I want this to be casual and have people work at their own pace, or even jump in last minute if they want to. If people miss the final dates they can jump in the second round. I’ll post all the pictures together after they have all been submitted. :grin:


He is darling!! I wish I could so badly, but I’m packing my things to put our house on the market. I’m going to miss painting SO much!! Finishing my last micro today. I’ll be watching!! :hugs:


I think I’m too new for this one, but I’m stoked to see everyone else’s babies!!

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This just about motivated me to jump right on it. What’s stopping me? BB hasn’t released her yet. :joy: I’ve been practicing up a storm so I’m just waiting on BB at this point lol. While I wait I will continue practicing.


Which one are you waiting on? Miss Alma?


I want this kit SO bad! This was one of the 2 kits that got me into reborning in the first place.
I don’t think I really have many favorites. Most are ones I’ve painted before. And I can’t afford to reborn right now so i’ll just watch along and be jealous!

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Yes that’s the one!:slight_smile:


Thank you! I keep saying I’ll do them eventually when I get better, but no more escuses. We are doing this. I’ll be going through my piles of favorite kits later today :grin:. Let’s do this! #nomoreexcuses
Is there going to be a due date? I feel that a daye keeps me focused.


How fun! I won’t be able to join in for a good 6-7 weeks. We are leaving for our winter (snowbird) vacation and this will be the first time I don’t pack my reborning, and my longest stretch not painting. I am already going through withdrawal! I should come home to Lanny being released so if you all are still doing this I will join in! In the meantime I will cheer you all on!


I’m in, I need to look into my treasured keeper stash and decide who I will paint.


This sounds like a great idea. I have several that I have been to scared to paint. Pretty much any that cost more than BB sale prices make me nervous thinking I can’t paint them good enough. I think my favorite that I have in my “later if I can get better” stash are Bean and Sprout twins and Little Rosie. I just love them! I think I will look through some kits and pick me out one to join in.


I love Mumma’s Little Monkey! I can’t wait to see your finished baby! :heart:


I’m so glad you all are going to do this with me, yippee! Thank you ladies! I can’t wait to see the sculpts everyone chooses!

I wasn’t thinking of a due date, but if I’m being honest due dates keep me focused as well. How about we say 3 months and then we’ll do a parade of the babies like was done for the Halloween babies? If it goes well we could even do a second session the following 3 months and do another parade with another group of favorite babies. I’m open to other ideas if people have them though! :two_hearts:


Good luck with your move! I can’t wait to see pictures of your finished micro baby!

I think Alma is supposed to be released soon, she is such a great kit!

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I can’t wait to see what kit you pick! I agree with you about a due date helping to get focused.

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What are some of your favorite kits so far? :smiley:

I wish you could join in! Did you paint Lil Monkey before?

I would go through a painting withdrawal too! If this goes well I’d love to do a second session, hopefully you can participate then!


I can’t wait to see who you pick!