Paint not sticking to fingers and toes

I’m going to strip my Robins hands and feet, even though I LOVE the bottom of his feet. The paint keeps rubbing off of the toes and fingers :confused:. It’s such a shame but I want to get him right. Have you ever had trouble with paint sticking to the fingers and toes? I washed them thoroughly with dish soap and water and washed it off before starting. I use air dry paint. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! Do you prime your kit before you paint? Can you post a pic?

Common problem that comes with not priming the kit first. Instead of stripping it, prime those areas and let dry for several hours then try painting them again. If you can’t get the color to blend, then strip and prime the whole kit before repainting. Next time prime the whole kit first.

I have been having this problem lately. I use GHSP. I never had this problem before and I’m painting the same way. What could be the problem, its driving me crazy!!! No matter what I do the paint just rubs off.

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Right. I’ve never had this problem. I’ve never varnished beforehand either. I don’t know why it’s happening.

Is “priming” the same as varnishing? Sorry to sound dense :sweat_smile:

No. Varnish is not a primer.
Primer seals off the oils from within the vinyl and gives it a little “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. The best primer is air dry. Even using Genesis you can prime with air dry primer and then paint with Genesis 24 hours later. The best primer I have found is RebornFX Primer from MacPhersons. My 2nd favorite thing to use is Golden Fluid Matte Medium. It can also be used as a translucent ground which means primer.

If you don’t have any airdrop options, then a little thinning medium pounced with a sponge to give it tooth should do the trick.

Usually if I have this problem I’ll use airdry acrylics over the ghsp

I’m assuming that it is the Robin by Nikki Johnston kit that you are having trouble with?

I have the blank kit and I’m not planning on painting him yet but his hands and feet are very sticky/shiny looking, the rest of the kit is completely fine and matte looking, his hands and feet just look very shiny and as I said, I’m not planning on painting him just yet so I haven’t tried washing the kit like I normally do before I paint the kit to see if the shiny look will go away but I’m glad that I have seen your post because I am thinking that when I do go to paint my Robin, I will have the same problem with the paint not sticking to the hands and the feet properly.

Can you see in the photos how shiny his hands and feet look? They feel a little bit sticky to the touch - I’m hoping that the paint will stick properly :grimacing: I’m sorry that you are having trouble, I can’t offer any advice for you because this is the first time for me that I might have trouble with the paint sticking to the kit :neutral_face:

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Make sure to Prime your kit before you start to paint it, that should remedy the problem. Just make sure to get the primer on those fingers and toes.

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Thank you for your comment. I hope you’re able to come up with a solution! I can see the shininess. Also it’s annoying that there are barely any creases on the fingers. AND the stupid USADIRECT have lost my package of Winsor and Newton that I’ve been waiting a month for!!! Not happy