Paint LOT For Sale

Hi Everyone,
Just clearing some items out and getting ready for Christmas Gift Purchases…

I am offering a “LOT” of Paints/Paint Brushes/Etc…
What is included?

Brand New Paint Brushes (Not sure how many…At least 5…Various Sizes)
Brand New Paint Pallet
Cotton Balls
Sea Sponge Pieces
Kit Cleaner (Baby’s First Bath)
Gel Blending Medium
Mohair Gel
Genesis Red (Small)
Heat Set Matte Varnish (Small)
Air Dry Blush Highlight
Flesh Genesis (Small)
Waterproof Mohair Sealant

(Some of the paints may have been slightly used…Plenty of use left though)…

I will also throw in any other little reborning supplies I find along the way.

I am asking $20.00 Plus Shipping…
PM me if interested.