Paint coming off

Hi all I use genisis and when I start varnishing blushing starts coming off my dolls lips, toes and fingers. I would think first not curing properly but no other paint muddles together. I would think just the kit but it happened to 3 dolls and 1 was a redo because it happened to it before. I varnished his feet before I started painting. Do you think it’s my paints or brushes. Maybe oils from hands. I’m not sure. It’s very frustrating.

Are you baking your kit?

Yes I’m using genisis. I bake after blushing. It’s when I apply the varnish the blushing comes off.

Are you baking just after blushing or between every few layers as well?

Baking every layer aside from mottling.

Do you use any brush cleaner between layers? Is it possible that your blush color is contaminated?

What kind of oven? (Conventional ovens don’t keep temp very accurately.)

No I just use thinner to clean my brushes. Should I be cleaning with something else?

I use a nuwave

I would start with checking to make sure your oven is getting up to temp. It may not be curing properly.

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I would think that if everything was coming off and not just the blushing. More specific the toes and fingers. The lips were too bit used some of the colors I’m using for my blushing and wondering if it’s my paints.

If you’re blushing layer is your last layer, then your other layers are baking multiple times. So, if the oven is not getting up to temp, but the earlier layers are exposed to the heat for an extended time because of subsequent baking, that could explain the difference.


The blushing is baked a few times because I bake nails in 2 bakes and they are last. Plus the lips are done before blushing and they were coming off too. This is the first this has Happened. I did all 3 of these dolls at the same time and done at least 12 dolls ahead of them in the same nuwave.

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I’ve experienced this when doing Clyde Awake, a few years back. I was adding more blushing on his hands near the end of painting him, baked as usual, and noticed the paint wanted to come off, so I baked again at temp and longer. Went to put Matte Varnish on and the paint just came off like it wasn’t cured. I never figured out what was wrong, but he seemed to be an oily kit even though I washed him well before painting.

I wish this was the case. It happened to all 3 dolls I was working on.

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What kind of paint thinner do you use?

Odorless mineral spirits from Walmart. Same I’ve used since I started.

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Do you use any powders for blushing and lips as it seems that only red color you are having problem with? Do you use thinning medium, not an odorless thinner, but that Genesis thick stuff?

I didn’t use any powders on these babies just my paints. No mediums were used either.


Maybe your paint thinner has gone bad. Try switching it out and see what happens. And yes, I know you use it for your other layers but you wont figure out what it is until you start trying different remedies. I would start with new paint thinner and making sure your oven is getting to the right temp for long enough. Then troubleshoot from there if those dont fix it. Hope you get it figured out. :blush: