Paint brushes for hair


Get her a pack of popsicle sticks from the dollar store and get your brush back. :smile:


She has some! She also has a plastic spoon right in front of her. Lol.
She drives me nuts with her slime.


LOL! And my 22 year old daughter would say I drive her nuts with my dolls!! It comes back around!


It sure does! lol.


My 36 yr old daughter is “worried” about me with the dolls. lol. All I do is paint and sell :rofl:


You want to heat the head with either rice in a sock or heat it in the oven just long enough to make the head soft even to root.that way you should break any more this helps.


Use varnish or thinning medium. It will make the pencil to have some thing to grab on to.hope this helps.


Thank you for the advice. I just got my new set of needles in so I will definitely try warming up the head with either a light or a rice sock to finish rooting.