Paint brushes for hair


Doesn’t it? lol. I used it on my first reborn and it turned out good, but I just don’t think that will happen again…actually I had made a brush to be a rake brush.


This is what I bought. It looks like a rake but I’m not sure what it’s called.


Wow, thats beautiful!

@DollyPardon I need a tutorial, get to work :wink:


Use a thin coat of the matte varnish on the head. I mix mine 50% matte varnish with 50% satin varnish. Bake then cool then bake again. It should then be easy to use the prisma pencil on.


Awesome!!! Thank you so much for that advice!!! It has been my biggest question throughout this process.


This is what I bought when I went brush shopping. One of them has to work for me to paint hair. Lol.


This is exactly what I did to find my hair painting brushes. My favorite is so raggedy now that I need to glue it back together.


Wow! That hair is amazing. Can you share a picture of the brushes you use please?


I will try to remember to take a picture in the morning. Trust me, there is nothing impressive about them. :grin:


I use that Wet N’ Wild angled liner brush on the right to push around my paint when doing creases. I like it a lot with thicker GHSP. I also use a tapered WnW eyeshadow(?) brush, I believe it is, to mop the creases during creases.


Thank you. I know most of the results are from your hair painting experience and talent, but it would be great to see the tools the masters use. :slight_smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I am far from a master. There are many on the forum and beyond who are much better, but yes, I will definitely show you. :blush:


I use those two for those purposes too. They work perfectly.


I want to see too!! Lol


Great brushes! Sometimes I get more excited about new brushes than new kits. I am not sure what size the rounds you have on the left side of the picture are, but I have a #3 and love it for painting hair.


Idk how but I ended up with 2 5s. I do have a 3 liner brush but it’s really tiny.

I’m finding I like the round brushes for a lot of things.


Mine must be made by a different company as my #3 is pretty big. It really helped me layer the paint for more depth. It looks like you have hours if not days of fun there :slight_smile:


For super fine hairs, I use script brushes and this one specialty nail polish brush that is long and skinny. I think it is called a striper.


1/2 inch rake plaid one stroke and a cheap disposable brush that I get in a pack of 100 from Amazon.


I wish I had a practice head to try my brushes and different techniques. I might have to just dedicate a kit to that. But I like all my kits. Lol.