Paint brushes for hair


Has anyone here used paint brushes from Michael’s before, and if so, which one do you use to paint hair with? I’m headed to Michael’s now because there is a buy one get one sale on all painting supplies, and I would like to pick up some brushes for painting hair. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!




No one responded, but I bought every brush I thought would be good for hair painting. When I try them out, I’ll gladly let you know what did or didn’t work for me. :blush:


Thank you! I’ve been reborning for 8 years and I want to learn to paint hair- I have never tried but I’d love to learn!


I can’t paint hair either…still waiting for Christine Woolley’s dark hair painting tutorial.


Me too. I broke all of my rooting needles so I’m at a standstill with my first doll waiting for new needles to come in. I’d like an alternative method for doing hair so I can at least work on other dolls.
I also like the look of painted hair when you want a baby with little hair.
I feel the right brush is really the key to good painted hair.
I bought $78.00 in brushes. One better work!! Lol


I saw that online too! I will definitely be buying that when it comes out!!!


I can’t do painted hair either… so I use prisma to draw hair


Can’t wait to see you hair when you start!!


When I took Evon Nather’s painting class at ROSE we used a round #5 to paint the hair. The bristles fanning out made the fine hair. I would never have guessed. I always looked for the finest brush.


I use a winsor & newton 0000 size watercolor brush from Michael’s. I still can’t get the lines as thin as I want but it’s the smallest brush I can find.


I use a rake and a script liner.


Beautiful!!! I have a rake brush but I’m so chicken to try.



I tried prisma but I can’t get the pencil to mark the vinyl. Any suggestions?


I bought a rake brush too. It does look scary. Lol.


What paint are you using?

I use GHSP and I have to varnish first


Beautiful hair!


Beautiful! This is the look I hope I can accomplish. Lol.


So realistic!!! Love your method.