Paige just finished


Paige is somewhat of a homely baby in a cute way. That is why I love that face. I tried to root her hair to make her have a little topnotch styled on top. I need to learn a better way. It is alright, just not my best that I know I can do. I put a onesie on her so everybody can see those legs! Spit bubbles are not dry yet.


She is unique and that is a good thing. I love those eyes, her spit bubbles, and how well done the creases are. I am trying hard to get my creases so they don’t look so dark. Good job!!


So cute


Paige is indeed an interesting sculpt and I actually like unusual sculpts sometimes. She is a fiery redhead for sure!


She reminds me of Lucille Ball, but as a baby! I love the redhead babies!


I did paige and i too did’nt care for her. But your looks so much nicer than mine did.


I like her, she’s really cute. Her spit bubbles are very realistic and her eyebrows have good shape. I would put a big turquoise bow in her hair


She has such “girly” hands! I always marvel at how babies move: girls with a dainty la-dee-dah flourish with their hands, and baby boys with tight little curled up fists!