Anyone know a good source for low priced pacifiers? Wish they could be bought in bulk somewhere for a great low price! Paying 3.00 plus for one seems ridiculous to me. Nancy


we have a dollar store in canada , not sure if you have one there , but i just picked up 2 for 1.00, hope this helps. marlene


I get mine at the Dollar General. I got some at walmart also.
1.39 for 2 ,something like that.I like them because they sit tight to the face.


Yea I got a big lot from ebay too. I think I got 15 for 5.00.


most of the dollar stores have them dollar tree and yankee dollar and dollar general, i think maybe family dollar also



I have gotten mine at wallmart. 2 for $1.00. They are plain colors though, pink blue yellow and green.

           Hugs Tina