Paci holders


Just didn’t feel like painting or rooting on Sunday. So i made these instead!


Need another kit for another trade? You know I love everything you make, and I have way more kits than I need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also would trade a kit (or buy) some of those! Or trade a knitted outfit?


I would love to! PM me😍


I love your knitting! I could so make you some fun goodies! PM me


@Reefbubbles Those are great!


Thank you​:grin::two_hearts::heart:


they’re so cute!


I love them…can I ask what size beads you use?


They are so pretty! I needed a painted break too so I made headbands.


Oh how fun, thats a great crafting day too!


Awesome job!


Thank you! I know the letter beads are
10mm beads so some range slightly bigger and smaller. All the other beads i have had for years not in their original containers so i am not sure. I did order some wood beads from Amazon i hope are close to the size i am using, they are 16mm.


Thank you, Ive been looking for beads but I wasn’t sure on a good size.


@lil @Reefbubbles Sorry for my 2 cents, but I think the hole in the beads are more important than a bead size itself. I have lots of jewelry beads but they are not good for paci holders as I can only string those beads on a very thing thread.


We always love hearing from you @YelenaRey :heart: I use this to string mine. I pass it 2 times sometimes 3 times through all the beads. So the hole must be able to manage a beading needle and the clear line.


They are adorable!


Oh my goodness I love these so very much!!