Oxi stuff is working on granddaughter's baby

. her little sister colored all over her baby with marking pens.
. I’ve been smearing on the stuff. if only we had more sun YOU are
all so helpful. thank you

An actual Middleton play baby or a baby for play? Brown hair or brown skin? How old is she?

LM would be nice. she is 4 and is a little person so it can’t be too big.
her sister not even 2 yet is the same size. I didn’t seem any LMs on
ebay. thanks for the tip. rosemarie

Ugh. It’s so early…have to make the hot rolls.

I just remembered something. When my kids left crayons on my leather upholstery in my truck in the hot summer they melted and basically baked into it. Baby wipes took almost all of it off. It was a real mess. I love baby wipes to clean a lot of stuff. I use them on leather handbags too but they clean a lot of things that other cleaning agents won’t remove and they’re gentle. I personally think they are better than a tide pen you carry around for your clothes. You might try it.
Were the crayons washable or regular? I woke up to my alarm thinking about this lol.

we r headed out soon for the holiday but I’ll try to look at my babies & see what’s there. The lm babies on eBay I search for as Middleton play and a lot come up. They are play “babies” but everyone puts the baby part different. They have them age appropriate from newborn up so there’s soft dolls, bald dolls 12" then 17" soft touch dolls that are for her age. The Middleton website has info on them. They’re nice. And in a childs toy price range, NOT a collectible price range. They aren’t numbered or anything. And most of them are sculpted by Reva Schick (shick?) who did Arianna & ariella.

Hi, afraid she go her brothers marking pens. I will try to clean her for
little sister . I went to LM and did see lots of play dolls. the glue they
use is very good. hard to get off so that would work. thanks abunch

Did you try hairspray? It removes ink pretty good.

If nothing else works try spray n wash. It’s awesome. I’ve even used it on my carpet. Lol

ps I didn’t have time to look yet. I’ll be home tomorrow night.

Mr Clean’s Magic Erasers are FANTASTIC for getting off ink and marker

little stinker. her sister is not happy. I will get her tomorrow and
start cleaning. thank you for all the help. my stomach is feeling
like toooo much. my daughter cooks a good dinner

I got a doll at a tag sale that had ink and marker all over. I put on acne creme with benzoil peroxide sp? and left it for several days, washed it off and the marker and ink were all gone.

she doesn’t want another baby so i am trying the oxi stuff in the window.
it is a Lulu MY Baby. she just loves her.

It’s working?! Yippee! Poor thing. I wouldn’t want a different baby either. She loves that one.
I’m relieved for you!