Ovens, thermometers ............headache

Well, I am now on my 4th halogen oven, and have whole array of thermometers, and hey all work differently. It is driving me up the wall.
I am trying to work out the right setting for my new oven. I baked something with thermometer #1 and then decided to check with thermometer #2. I took the parts out as quickly as possible so not to lose the heat, dropped the second thermometer in and turned the oven on again, Now, the thermometer #1 continued to show 270degrees, while the #2 would be climbing only very slowly, and in few minutes, the #1 was showing 280 degrees and the #2 was still about 250.

Now, i am running another test, with both thermometer going in cold and starting the oven also from cold … but I am so sick of this. Maybe second look at air dry ?

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I’ve been really thinking hard about air dry lately too. With my halogen I have two brand new thermometers And was doing the same as you, testing them and getting different readings. I went and bought an oven probe thermometer. It’s not for checking internal temps of meats and such but it’s for checking the temp in the oven. Only prob with that is that it is on a cord and in order to use it in the halogen, there is a tiny gap where the cord runs under the extender ring and I’m loosing heat from it. My digital oven probe would drop down in temp when the oven light would switch off, but my regular oven thermometer couldn’t drop as fast as the digital one. So I realised that if my oven spiked up in temp for a few minutes, my regular thermometer wouldn’t climb up in temp as fast as the actual temp in the oven would. Same with when the temp would drop, my regular therm would be reading at 250 still while my digital one would be down to 210, until the light turned back on.

Controlling the temperature is a worry. I thought I have it pretty much under control; having thermometer (expensive sculpy one - paid $30), checking constantly and after 6 years never having any really major melting disasters. Even that time the oven did not turn off and went for hours till late at night, the doll was hot and bit shiny, but nothing that could not be fixed.
Then this LOL - the black specks are just dirt - I at first just threw it straight into rubbish.


Oh my that is awful​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

When I entered the laundry there was a black smoke billowing from the oven! I actually believe that it was only few moments from erupting into flames. It really shook me up.

On the bright note, after having rummage through my bits and pieces box I found suitable limbs, and although the colours were quite different it only took few layers and I managed to match them so well, that I can hardly believe they are not the right limbs.

And we are having spring :slight_smile: and my garden, which for the past 18 months was a building site, is starting to come together, little bit, My tulips came up.


Oh no, that’s scary! Did this Just happen or was this the reason why you got a New oven and are testing out the thermometers And temps? What did your thermometer read when you caught it smoking like that? If you even looked at it while all that was going on? I’m glad you were able to find different limbs to work and hopefully no more melting limbs!

The reason why I got the new oven is because the old one melted the bits. :slight_smile: What happened was the thermostat just stopped working. I was painting for few hours, the oven baked and turned itself off just fine, and then it did not. The temperature kept going up and when I came in, half way through, the thermometer was showing somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees. I mean the parts were melted and there was black smoke, I first worried about turning it off and opening window even wider and only then I looked at the temperature, and the hand was pointing somewhere towards the right instead of straight up :frowning:

It is a dilemma; we should not be in the room with the oven, but it really has to be watched.

I’m thinking of switching to air dry too. People are getting such good results without all the hazards such as fumes and melted babies. I think I will go FX. What brand are you looking at Ludmilla?

I have not started to look. I am still getting over the shock of this mess LOL
I like Genesis, and I have whole box of them, and had so many extra expenses lately, the last thing I need is to be buying whole new set of paints. I have been so busy, running around a lot and managed to collect couple of speeding fines :frowning: So I thought I better finish couple of dolls … that went well…

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