Oven fumes


I’ve been reborning for over four years now and I’ve baked hundreds off dolls in my oven. I do not cook in my oven but I do get the fumes even though I keep windows open and fan on. Is regular oven fumes worse then neuwave? So far neither me or my animals have had problems but I wouldn’t want to put them in danger. Does anybody have any scientific fact about the fumes or is just presumed to be dangerous?


I’ve heard that the Nuwave contains the fumes better than a regular oven. I use a Nuwave in a small bedroom-turned-studio and put a fan in the window pointed outward to draw the fumes out. It works pretty well for me, after a few minutes I don’t smell the fumes at all. (But boy do I smell them if I forget!)


No, there is no scientific study done between newave type ovens and normal. Fumes from vinyl are not good for you, but the effects may not show up for a long time, decades, and as the ingredients keep changing, nobody knows how dangerous it might be. Some of the softening ingredients have been banned from toys, but replaced by others. But don’t you you have an exhaust in your kitchen? That should suck the fumes out. The advantage of newave is that it is very portable, and you can put it outside, or in the garage. I have it in my laundry, under the window, which I open when I am baking. In my age it really does not matter, but for women of child bearing age, and with children around should be very careful.


I think it matters for any age. Toxic fumes are not good to breathe. I know you’re careful, but you do matter :slight_smile:


In my age I will not live long enough to develop the cancers that take 20 - 30 years to develop, as was shown by tracking workers who worked in the vinyl factories, even those who were in the administration buildings some distance from the production. Also, as being 20+ years past my menopause, I do not have to worry about anything disrupting my fertility. The worst effect vinyl fumes have is on children, and people who might want children. That does not mean I do not avoid breathing the fumes, it just I do not particularly worry about it. But i never bake when my granddaughter and daughter are here, and when I planned a litter from my dog, I also stopped baking for the duration; some months before I mated her, and while the pups were here.

Even that I do bake in the laundry, with doors closed and window open to the side of the house, the problem is that we get get very quickly used to the smell from the vinyl, and after only little while would not notice if it does come into the rest of the house.


Thank you @ludmila @Grammysue @Vanniek for your replies.