Oval eyes fit

So I have never used glass eyes
I’ve always bought bb eyes or acrylic off of dollsbysandie… but I have a customer wanting glass.
I was curious in the fit of oval vs flat back
Or the fit of any glass eyes.
Your thoughts are truly appreciated! Thanks

My experience with the oval glass eyes are a hit and miss.
I had a custom client who needed a certain color brown eyes for her Tibby. Tibby takes 24mm so I looked on BB’s site and could only find that size, in the color she wanted, , in the Oval glass eyes. I ordered them. They fit and looked amazing on Tibby! So… I decided it would be glass eyes from now on. I really loved the depth of color in them

Fast forward to just recently when I had two customs ordered. Both were small premee size babies and their eyes were reported to be 18mm …as per the BB instructions.
So I ordered the ovel glass eyes.
In one baby they fit fine. In the other kit they were way too small. I rechecked the size chart and sure it enough it did say 18mm eyes, but they were way to small! They just floated around in the eye-pocket behind the eye and no amount of trying to glue would help. I even tried tucking a bit of make up wedge back there (suggested to be by another artist) and still it was a pure mess. So I went to Acrylic for that custom instead after explain to the client what was wrong.

So in my opinion, oval glass eyes are a gamble. I do love them so much more than the acrylic but… they don’t always fit.


Thank you I appreciate the reply!

I read that you size up for oval eyes

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When I use the oval ones, I always size up. They just look better to me.

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I just bought oval ones for my Patience… I hope they fit her well.

Hit and miss for me…

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I got the oval brown eyes in 18mm for my Tink and they fit him perfectly. But like others said, it depends on the kit. I love using full round glass eyes because I feel like they are easier to move around. Flat backs are similar to the acrylics, just heavier. I’ve found the Lauscher glass eyes are a better fit in general than the BB oval, but it depends on which kind of glass eye your customer wants. BOL