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New onesies now available!!


Seriously! You need to stop with all the cuteness. I might as well just start having all my dolly dollars deposited directly to you. Your stuff is impossible to resist! :heart_eyes:


@Katinafleming At least with the onesies you dont have to worry girl. Since I make them myself, I can always make more once you have extra to spend :wink: I am planning on making a few of your werepup onesies this afternoon after I run errands!!


Yay! I just picked up my werepups mohair from the post office. I don’t do keepers. But this werepup may have to be an exception. :wink:


any eyes left or 14in kits?


Hi, is the pug onsie still available?


Do you have any of the vinyl heads left? And what are they? Price? Thanks.


@inga1619 @sweet95kitty @lifesblessings the lady that has these for sale has been sick and not on the forum the last couple weeks -I m sure when she is feeling better she will answer - just wanted you to know what was going on and why she hasn’t answered :heart:


She checked in with me for a couple of minutes earlier in the week. (Tuesday, I think.) But then she disappeared as quickly as she appeared. She had been in the hospital. Then she made it home. I assume she is back in the hospital again. We need to take up a donation for a cheap tablet for her to play on while she’s in the hospital. :grimacing:


I agree, I can’t help too much but I will do what I can.


Me too. A cheap and nice Kindle is only 49 and change. We could all add a few dollars and have someone buy it.


That would be a nice thing to do for her … I hope she was able to get her insurance problems fixed.