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We mostly got a lot of wind and rain from Florence but its a swampy mess from all the rain.My son in law (National Guard) is down at the coast helping.Praying for all the ones that lost so much in the hurricane.


@MaryJane What a wonderful young man❤ Also praying for everyone as well, I cannot imagine the devastation.


I would like to know if mine has been shipped??


Yes ma’am, it was sent last Friday. My husband “cleaned” our room when I went out of town last weekend, and I cannot find the receipt with everyone’s tracking- but I do guarantee it was sent and should be there today or tomorrow at the latest. Others that I sent the same day have been received, so yours should be there soon!!


Can’t tell what’s left but do you still have these tutus


green and purple/green


Got mine ! I didn’t get my pink tutu, I got a teal one instead but that’s okay,I can find a different onesie to put it with.Thanks


I received everything. You went above and beyond. Everything extra, although unnecessary, was much appreciated!


Sure hope your insurance problems are worked out quickly!!!


Anyone heard from her? I am interested in the tutu


I’m sure she will be by soon she’s usually really busy getting everyone stuff out.


I talked to her earlier. She has been really sick. That darn brain tumor sucks. She’s trying to get as much rest as possible. I’m sure she will be back on as soon as she feels well enough. :confused:


Bless her heart -I do worry about her over doing with her tumor -prayers for her !! :pray:t2:


Me too! I don’t know how she does so much! She needs to slow down. :confused:


Omg bless her. Thanks for sharing. Yes she needs rest


Kali, thank you i received my order. Everything is adorable, but I must say those booties are to die for!


You ladies are amazing​:heart: I am slowly climbing from the cave I have been dwelling in :wink:
I found a doctors office that does a “sliding fee” scale for now while I work out this insurance mess! I am calling them first thing Monday morning.

Thank you all so kindly for your thoughts and well wishes, they are cherished.

@MaryJane I’m sorry dear, I must have mixed up the colors- I am sending you the pink one Monday, I feel terrible that I didnt realize sooner. Keep the teal one too, it’s bound to match something :wink:

@Kimmiee I do still have those colors!


First I’m glad your doing well. Glad you found a doctor that can help.

Second I’m still interested in them


Thank you! If you want to message me your PayPal, I can invoice you :wink:


Message sent