Outfits&Kits More added


So sorry for all the hassle you have to go through. :confused:

Go ahead and hold my package for a couple days I would love to see what you have!


Here they are!!!


How cute. I have not seen anything like that. That is so original!


We need some reborn specific stuff :wink:
I have more coming- these are just the first few I ordered


Oh. My. Goodness. These are so perfect! :heart_eyes::joy:


Absolutely love love them!!!


That is terrible about your insurance and not covering your hospital and surgery bills.


Ohhh how much I want this kit plz


Can you please add a NB sized onesie that says “Pretty eyes & vinyl thighs” to my pile?


Those are really cute. How much?


When I am back home this evening, I can confirm sizes and number of each I have available.
The single line ones are $6
Larger design are $8
I have a mixture of preemie and newborn made right now, and will have a few more done tonight


I need a newborn pretty eyes and vinyl thighs added to my pile too :grin:


#dollface in newborn and mohair mo problems in 6 months


How much for ylenia?


Sent pm


Please let me know when my stuff ships. Idiot mailman left a package sitting outside in the rain yesterday instead of putting it on the front porch.I am in North Carolina and apparently hurricane Flo is going to dump a lot more rain and some wind on us.


@MaryJane Sorry I didnt respond sooner- your packahe is shipped, I will send your tracking to you today. I have been stuck awake due to a broken wisdom tooth and am packing to head out of town. I have the receipt in my purse and will get it out and send on the drive :wink: (in not the one driving lol)


Here is what is available right now
Single lines $6 Larger design $8
I just purchased around 50 more onesies, some solid colors other than white :wink: Once my vinyl order is here I will start on more designs and colors!!!


Thanks,with all this rain and wind from the hurricane,if the mailman decides to leave anything else laying outside,I may pack his butt up and mail him somewhere.


Lol, I hear ya @MaryJane My postman left a box with a huge hole in it (had a ‘damaged’ sticker too) in a huge storm we had… The box was soaked, I was livid
I got halfway to my destination and thought I would send everyones tracking- the receipt wasnt in my purse. I must have set it aside while clenaing my purse out for the trip and never put it back in there.
I just got home and am wrangling kids into bed, I will check my room for the receipt. I know it had an arrival date for tomorrow, so it should be there then (but who knows with the hurricane, they may delay shipments?!)