Outfits&Kits More added


If mine has not been mailed yet,could I add in a pink tutu


Sorry everyone, my phone dove into the sink while I was doing dishes last night :sweat_smile: I had to get. A new phone when my husband got out of work today.
Now that it is set up and on, I can respond!!!
@MaryJane of course I can add a tutu
@dinokc theyre in your pile :wink:


Here are more acrylic eyes I have


All paid …Thanks


How much are Yulenia and Raven? Did anyone get the pink blanket and bonnet for $10?


Do you know when you will be shipping our goodies out?


Gm, Is the 2 pc hartstring outfit still available?


Yes ma’am it is


I wanted to be sure everyone was done adding to their packages!


I want it but let me have a look to make sure that’s all. Ty


If the mint tutu is still available could I have it please and you can invoice me. Do you still have it.


I have a few of each color! The lighter mint with the pink in the headband?


I’m interested in the hazel eyes 20mm


I’m also interested in the blue 22mm eyes


Whew!!! Sorry I havent been on, I had a huge bump in my plans- I went to my PT and OT appointments this morning to find out that my insurance coverage was terminated :frowning: Long story short, my husbands employer messed up big time and my hospital stay and therapies were not covered and I have to discontinue therapy for the time being.
It was a huge upset, and I have spent the day trying to figure out insurance and talking with the financial department at the hospital.
What a mess!!! Good news though!- I received some of my first few customized onesie supplies and am planning to make a couple here as soon as the kiddos are asleep.
I am so EXCITED to show you guys what I have to offer!!!
I plan to respond to ALL comments and messages this evening as well as get any packages that are requested to be shipped packed up to head out in the morning. Please let me know if you are certain you are finished adding to your order and would like it sent out asap
If you would like to wait and see what I will have in the next couple of days, that is perfectly fine with me too- we can just add them to your order for minimal additional shipping (if any at all)
Thank you for your understanding- I will be back on in just a bit


Can’t wait to see!


Good luck on you insurance woes, we’ve had to deal with my husband’s ex employer changing plans without much notice. It was a disaster, because my daughter wasn’t able to continue using her therapist and she’s autistic and doesn’t handle change well. I remember those times. Take care :heartpulse:


I’m ready for mine!!
Sorry about your insurance problems, what a hassle!


You can go ahead and mail mine.


Hold mine a couple of days. You know me. I’ll always find something else I just have to have. :wink: