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I was these ruffle pants

These six bonnets :heart_eyes::joy:

Now I m done lol :slight_smile:


Thank God! I’m glad you claimed those bonnets. Otherwise I would have had to. You just saved me a few bucks. :wink:


lol I do understand- -i m glad I causght them in time to save you some money :joy::joy: -I love hats and bonnets :heart_eyes:


You bought bonnets and did a good deed at the same time. Way to take one for the team! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel it was my duty and honored to do so :joy::joy:


I’ll take the pumpkin hat and pants too please :slightly_smiling_face: nb $8 top left corner


Here is a pic of that bonnet you asked about :wink:


@ashleyfox98 I do have a white backdrop exactly the same as the pink one you got


Are you gonna post anything else :joy::joy:-I scared to check out lol -afraid I might miss a special :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would like that too please. :slight_smile:


@Tungaro I still have a boatload of crochet/knit photography sets, but probably wont post them unless specifically asked to! And I have some wooden animal teethers, but they weren’t a big hit last time so probably those the same as the crochet stuff- if someone wants pics :wink:
Is there anything else youre looking for? I can send you separate pics if I have anything on your list


Only other thing I am in search of for my grandbaby girl is a bonnet similar to the white one you listed yesterday ( I think Ashley claimed it ) in white or ivory - but I m happy with all my goodies - so if you don’t have any -it’s all good :slight_smile:


I dont believe I have any more like that, but I will be making some similar very soon! I will be sure to let you know when I have some :wink:


Perfect - thank you and no hurry -she won’t be here u too January lol - I ll send you my paypal info


Thank you but that is a bit bulkier than I like. Is the one that I circled in that photo available?


No, sorry


Do you still gave the reptile eyes and the little green felted hat with the button on the side? If so, could you please add those to my order? :grin:


The reptile eyes and felted hat are gone :frowning: sorry. I will check my stash of eyes and see if I have any others :wink:


Ok thanks, no problem. I don’t really NEED them, but I can’t seem to resist myself lol.


@Ledbetterlittles I have my other pics😊